Alternative Music – Haim Want You Back REVIEW

Alternative Rams is back in Want You Back. Haim are a Pop/Indie band from Los Angeles who are trying to do big things in 2017. So are Imperious Entertainment. Haim is named after the family name of the three sisters.  Este, Danielle and Alana Haim. Haim are often joined on stage by drummer Dash Hutton. Want You Back is a song containing duelling impulses regarding love. Essentially, there is conflict between head and heart.


Girls next door vibes!

Official audio dropped May 3rd 2017. Want You Back debuted on BBC Radio 1 on the same date and it is on their sophomore album, Something To Tell You. Yuh Yuh. Personally, I have a lot to tell all y’all which is why we keep firing with content.

Haim’s sound

Haim is pronounced Ha-eeem to rhyme with “time.” Our music researcher has informed me that their sound is a mist-mash of things. Nu-folk meets nineties RnB (allegedly). They have pedigree by way of performing at Glastonbury and signing to Jay Z’s Roc Nation Label. Want You Back is a mixture of the above sounds.

Haim are attempting to turn heads with Want You Back

Want You Back Audio

Similarly to cultural commentator DJ Akademiks I am a numbers guy. You know it would not escape me that in over a week the audio has over 1 million views. Man wont’t even lie, I don’t routinely listen to this type of music but I am versatile on the roads like I been showing y’all Are you living versatile?

Back in the day I used to watch shows like The OC so Want You Back reminds me of a track they would play in a season finale. In the show, Marissa and Ryan’s whirlwind romance could be summed up with Want You Back. Shout out to all The OC fans.

Marissa and Ryan all smiles in The OC

Want You Back Lyrics

The chorus sums up the mood of Want You Back. This shorty is regretful that she left the dude and wants to make amends in a big way. Quick question to the fellas – would you go back if you got chucked? Or do you subscribe to the notion there is plenty more fish in the sea? Let me know in the comment section.

But just know that I want you back
Just know that I want you back
Just know that I want you
I’ll take the fall and the fault in us
I’ll give you all the love I never gave before I left you

Verses from the Haim sisters echo the hook on Want You Back and detail how their pride got in the way of their judgment in the relationship. What is the soundtrack to your relationship?



This tune is going to do what it’s going to do. Want You Back will probably feature on 15 Rom-Com’s no matter what my opinion is on it. Want You Back is some shit I’m not actively checking for. Taylor Swift shone a huge light on the reccid by shouting it out on her social media.

Want You Back is good but not memorable in my eyes.



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