Hero or villain?

Which side of the fence would you rather sit on – hero or villain? Hero’s are straight-edged individuals who act virtuous and get all the praise. Villains are more complex, “darker” characters who are usually more entertaining but as the name suggests, vilified. This might seem like a no-brainer to most. Who actively wants to be disliked? But I myself often wonder which side of the fence I sit on. This might surprise some of you but I believe human beings are malleable and depending on the situation we can be either a hero or a villain, in other people’s eyes.

Jeks once dropped a gem saying, “In the UK everybody is nice” and if you allow me to paraphrase he meant everybody knows how to behave in a polite and courteous way. “Good morning”, “Please and thank you”, holding the door open, giving up your seat on public transport for pregnant women and forming an orderly queue etc etc. Nobody is walking down the road telling the next man “Fuck you” (at least verbally, unless they have forgotten to take their morning pills).


Jafar the Vizier of Agrabah was flossed out – but he was an ass-hole!

jafar store

Proof is in the pudding – this is a cute picture though

Throughout my child-hood I often cheered for the bad guy in the movie. This manifests in instinctive behaviour today. I was in the Disney Store a couple years back and picked up the character Jafar from Aladdin. Man ran Agrabah like a G. It’s the power that “sensationalised” me opposed to the bad acts. Negativity spreads faster and human beings are “turned on” by a dose of it to counter-act the positive in their lives.

There is a lust for wanting to live vicariously through the acts of a bad ass. But logic tells us that when they meet their demise it is rightly justified. (I may have to add that to the list of quotes).

Allow me if you may to cast your eyes back to the opening. Villains are often more entertaining. Man like Tom Hardy stole the show when he played the character Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Who gave a shit that he was a villain? Was he hilarious? Yes. Did he have the most memorable quotes from the film? Yes. If you need a gentle reminder enjoy the clip below:

Bane was not playing any games – AND I LOVED THAT!!

Our big homie – Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is the BEST player of his generation. The comparisons with Messi can stop now as he dragged his team and country on his back and inspired them to win an international trophy. Man like Messi has Aguero, Di Maria, Higuain & co and still could not win for his country. I digress but I had to get that off my chest.

I believe in Britain we are a culture that dislikes greatness. We do not know how to cope with people who are self confident and speak about their greatness. I mean if God blessed me with something unique why should I inhibit myself just to please others? Perhaps it is because in the sporting realm we are not used to greatness. England in particular is a country of near misses and mediocricy in most sport barring the odd Rugby World Cup triumph. Therefore, superstars like Ronaldo are labelled the pantomine villain. They don’t respect your talent if you are seen as a villain so people want to see him like this…

cristiano tears


ronaldo tears

But I want to see the greats like this ..  Elated

Closing thoughts

Personally, I do not care what label I am given. In the eyes of my family and close friends I am a hero. For those people especially scorned females in my past I may be a pantomine villain. In the words of Gucci Mane “I just take it all in my SKRIDE (stride). It don’t make or break me DAWG.”

In life you are not going to be liked by everybody and I am cool with that. In fact, I would rather have less people like me. What is more important to me is being respected. If you allow yourself to live life without the handbrakes on then you may have a more peaceful state of mind.

For those who disagree with my views that is entirely fine. Leave a comment in the comment section below. But you may want to put on a metaphorical mask in life…

bane mask

Food for thought!

Peace and love


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