Hilarious and unintentional! How goons get down…

Imperious Entertainment is a brand that is uplifting through the inspiring content whether that is textual or audio-visual. Of course, neither of us are trying to pull the wool over our supporters, and what I mean is not every day can be a leisurely walk on the promenade. Some days feel like more of a chore but our laughter can always be heard loudest over the noise. Every day is a source of hilarious content, be it directly from us or in most cases, a by-product of somebody else. Over the years we have rubbed shoulders with some “goons” (street guys who live by unwritten rules) and other individuals more similar to ourselves who hail from the environment, where the aggressive material is felt. Allow me if you may to provide a quick run-down of hilarious antics from said individuals.

Salute to the unidentified individual who had a master stroke and that was to provide UK rapper Giggs with the stage to take over the backstage interview at an urban UK music event on Tim Westwood TV. The normally monotonic and subdued energy of Giggs was in sharp contrast to the night where he was on the other end of the mic. He was clearly waved (drunk) and that was the catalyst for him providing hilarious commentary.  It was unintentionally hilarious, which is the case for many people that cross our paths.


Giggs in his usual sombre state .. Check out the link below

If you do not find the below clip hilarious then it infers…

“You are not getting the good beat from home, you just want to ruin it for everyone else”

Respect to Gucci Mane, the Atlanta sKreet rapper, who is well respected in the Hip Hop circuit. He was recently released from prison and seemingly he subscribed to a new ethos as he was relatively well spoken … pardon me .. and he was the subject of rumours that he was a clone of the older more ignorant Gucci .. LOL .. I can’t. The urban audience amuse me no end. I say this to say, when he was on The Breakfast Club in 2013 he dropped some unintentional and hilarious gems.

“You think she aint kicking herself. All the Guiseppe’s she could have. All the Red Bottoms she could have had. Cos none of my girls work”

replied with…

“Wait. How many girls have you got?”

“Just a couple. But none of my girls work”

The next entry is Cameron Giles aka the Harlem rapper Cam’Ron. Cam if you are not aware has built an almost 20 year career of quality music where he always displays his immense charisma by way of humour. His persona is light hearted although he does deliver some impactful and hard hitting lyrics and sub-messages through his art and actions. In the early 2000’s Cam shone in his most famous acting role to date, depicting 80’s Harlem kingpin “Rico” based off the real life gangster Alpo. Now, this does not rigidly fit the frame of being unintentional as I trust Cam knows exactly what he is doing. However, on the part of the script writers there was a huge freedom of improvisation to allow Cam to flourish as there is not a chance in hell they could have envisaged where Cam took the role.

What I love about the scene is the dichotomy. There is a contrast between being genuinely angered by the actions of one of the workers at his perceived lack of gratitude against youthful humour at the outcome of the scene. The movie “Paid In Full” was a gritty portrayal of the trials and tribulations of the underworld in inner city New York.

Bringing it back to the UK once again, as we are not trying to “Bread America” (beg the Yanks to accept us .. ALLEGEDLY). One of my guilty pleasures is searching for UK videos where there are street interviews in London on the “yutes dem.” The level of intellect is alarmingly LOW but the comedy is GOLDEN and is completely unintentional. London is the epicentre of the UK urban lifestyle, which cannot be called into question even if you are not from London. There are too many quotables to choose from in this particular clip so I will advise you to kick back and enjoy the humour. Some of you may act like you are too grown for this type of humour but stop the pretense. It’s comedy. It does not have to be deep.

Shout out to Femy McCool and Wag 1 TV. Now I am not sure what the current state is of the channel as I have not checked for newer content in years but the contribution was appreciated.

Closing thoughts…

The purpose of this post is to be light-hearted. Laughter is the best medicine and undoubtedly there is a significant proportion of humour associated with the urban world. A lot of this humour is unintentional but nonetheless cannot be replicated by others outside of the realm in which these individuals come from.

If you have managed to connect all the dots and have perused our official YouTube channel “Imperious Reccids” you will notice that the clips are littered with humour. Although, I will be the first to profess that I enjoy making people laugh some of the statements we make are unintentional and only grab our attention when the fans communicate with us what they enjoyed.

We all might be in our 20’s building our career and family but never take yourself too serious..

Otherwise you may be a victim of the humour whether its intentional or not.

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Love to all





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