HOT Young Talent – Jorja Smith On My Mind REVIEW

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Jorja Smith is the 20 year old singing sensation from the UK who was of course featured on More Life

It has to be stated that Jorja has wide ranging musical influences such as Mos Def, Lauryn Hill and The Streets. Her eclectic sound and emotion-provoking voice has captured the attention of the musical masses. Her latest song is entitled On My Mind produced by Preditah. The sound is reminiscent of UK garage and is an up-beat groove.

On My Mind creativity

“I wrote this song two years ago before moving to London. It’s fun, writing it reminded me of being at school and finishing my exams”

Jorja Smith

Jorja is just having fun with y’all

Official Audio

On My Mind is a bubbly UK garage inspired beat that rivals most tunes from that genre’s golden era. Essentially, On My Mind points to doubts that Jorja is having over her lover by way of his sugar coated lies. Deception in a relationship is a concept that may lead to the collapse of that particular love union – What is the soundtrack to your relationship?

The release date for On My Mind was August 24th 2017 so it lands before summer draws to an end. Since releasing her EP, Project 11, featuring on More Life was a fantastic look.

Aubrey “Drizzy” Graham made a surprise appearance at Jorja’s Toronto show!


Jorja  has those silky vocals, which remind me of a developing Amy Winehouse, a huge compliment. There can only be one Amy though!

I finally found what went wrong
You think I would mind
Oh, you think I, oh

I finally found the wrong in you
You think I would mind
Oh, you think I, oh



I am jamming to this tune as it reminds me of the good old days with this throwback sound.  Shorty at 20 years of age has tapped into a sound that was really popping when she was around 3 years old but salute to her.

Jorja did her due diligence with On My Mind and I can picture cutting moves on the dance floor with this tune. Talent is everywhere baby!



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