House Music; “Turn-up Tunes”

Yes. It’s true. It’s damn true. There is no denying that I am a huge fan of House Music. To those who have been long-serving fans of the genre with numerous synths and empowering bass-lines, I may be surfing this wave late but better late than never right. I was born in the year 88, which is the year in which CDs outsold vinyls for the first time ever. Fast-forward 28 years and nobody is checking for no physical copies of “reccids” (records), unless you are a male sex symbol with some #ManCrushMondays pictures within the album booklet.

I am Hip Hop. But truth be told I am just following suit with the millennials of that genre, who just want to turn-up rather than listen to the whole Oxford Dictionary being rapped over break-beats. Case and point is the below clip from the Brooklyn rapper Papoose. In the mid 2000’s he was largely heralded within the five boroughs of New York City as the next one. A gross overestimation based off his lyrical content. I do not want to spend my recreational time listening to this but shout out to him for locking down Remy Ma. You did the right thing Pap.

Listening to this in 2016 is not going to get you that ass – respectfully!

Some of our loyal supporters asked me behind the scenes what House tunes I am turning up to. Here’s a quick run-down with an accompanying story behind it.

Redlight, Taya – Here With Me

Man like Redlight is a UK based DJ/Producer hailing from the far West, Bristol, to be exact. He has done his thing back in the day in the UK rave scene in the 90s back when I used to like lighties. He has dabbled with the Hip Hop circuit producing for acts like Mary J Blige back in the day. But he delivered a big smash this year with the tune entitled Here With Me featuring Taya. Taya is an up-and-coming artist who is repping Merseyside. From looking at her phenotype she is a “lightie” (a mixed race woman by way of black and white) and in a tasteful way of putting it she would definitely be something I would expect in my Christmas Stocking.


Taya – Liverpool songstress

I remember when I heard this tune for the first time in a rave in Cardiff, South Wales. It swept the dance-floor. There was a bag of caucasian females sporting bronzer, fake tans and in all reality the products of breast augmentation but who is judging. They looked like little Taya’s. The rave was lit. So was your boy.

Joy Dorbison – So Derobe

Truthfully speaking the title sounds like some shit in Swahili. What the fuck is a Derobe? For those afro-centric supporters can you please educate me in the comment section. Joy Dorbison is a London boy like us who coalesces styles of House along with other similar up-tempo genres. I dipped back in the “archives” from 2 years ago as music is so quickly consumed that this must be considered old by now.

This is definitely a weekend tune. If you are in the presence of like minded individuals enjoying a cheese and wine night then mid conversation you can appreciate the artistry. Perhaps the “shubz” (house party) you attend is more afflicted with 05 Wiley waggling his lips to some pre-eskimo template tunes. However, you can do the Wiley face to this shit too. For the bubblers.

WHTKD – Say To Me

Big fucking tune. Featuring on one of my favourite YouTube channels after our own. Lithuania HQ provides myself with the prime playlist to turn-up. The video to this banger depicts a couple’s holiday fun. As ambitious young gentlemen we have never been local artists. We have both travelled the world way before the days of camera phones and social media. How I wish, I captured more frames back in the day but the memories will last a life-time. You can easily picture Jeks and Rams alongside a couple of fun-seeking holiday-goers on a beach with white sand and clear blue water.


Euro Vibes

MK and Becky Hill – Piece of Me

An OG on the scene. In his 40s and still producing bangers. Marc Kichen or the stage name MK is producing smashes and the one that really caught my attention was Piece of Me. The singer comes from Worcestershire in the midlands. I never knew there was a music scene in those sides but music just like our brand is a global ting. She channelled her inner sexiness for this joint.


Becky Hill – A Worcester ‘Becky’

The video is definitely out there just like the tune. Whenever I hear this in rotation the loose-shoulders become even looser. I mean, how could you not nod your head to this shit?

Final thoughts…

The commonality in all of our posts whether that is on social media or on the website is diversity and evolution. Now I am not saying that Hip Hop is a lesser art-form than House but it is only ONE art-form. Hip Hop often gives rise to a phrase that Jeks coined back in the day called “SIS (self importance syndrome).” People within Hip Hop like to feel as if the narrative of Hip Hop influences the world which it does and does not. For example, in America the overwhelming majority of artists were anti-Trump. Who will be wearing his $600 lizard shoes in the White House in 60 days? Donald motherfucking Trump.

Every other music genre apart from the Black one does not pretend to be anything other than what it is. Music. Entertainment. A business. 

The UK grime scene is a scene that in my humble opinion has never progressed. There are certain music artists who feature on our website who have a bigger catalogue than the whole genre. Does the scene have as many clear-cut hits as a Jay Z or Drake? How many of these UK grime artists can head-line events beyond Skepta, JME and Giggs (even though he is not Grime)? In Wrestlemania, one year you heard Tine Tempah “Written in the stars” as the anthem for the event. Tinie is discarded as an outsider from the UK grime scene but they should really claim him as none of them can produce a “pure” Grime song that would feature on a Wrestlemania stage. And for those disillusioned, do not think these guys would not like to sell-out/cash in for success. They have all tried to “cross-over” and have mostly all flopped. I mean these dudes are mostly older than me and I am 28.

But yeah, if you disagree with that and think it is too scathing, HOLLA..

I’m off to turn-up.

Peace and love.

The Imperious Entertainment family!



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