Am I comfortable in implementing or creating?

I am a self-proclaimed ‘creative’ but my “day job” is a far cry from that characteristic. In work attire, which consists of a button up shirt and smart trousers, I implement algorithms and follow protocols. The natural artist in me took a hit, the first time this realisation dawned on me. However, it is for the betterment of the “client” that one does not veer off these well researched protocols so I cannot fault the policy. My outlook on life has always been to leave an indelible mark before my time is up, so I have a couple of questions. Is a “linear” progression of implementing protocols, ultimately satisfying? Or, is being creative the direction to fulfill my desire for “artistic licence”, that I so desperately covet?

Oi man thinks he’s Shakespeare dropping jewels for the people-dem!

Not every blog should be one where you “turn up” to – or am I wrong? I am digressing, but a female subscriber messaged me by way of whatsapp and wanted an indirect shout out. She told me that she frequents the site and when perusing the blogs she “turns up” by way of sipping an alcoholic beverage – Paul Masson.

paul masson

I only included this for you baby-girl

Time for another tongue in cheek moment. Respectfully, people do not even read so if you are that way inclined, please see the below illustrative, which sums up the opening paragraph

einstein creative

I just wanna have fun


By definition, I am not against implementation as a concept as it is the process of executing decisions. By now, the readers “dun know” (rest assured) that Jeks has already told you to refrain from “hesi moves” (acts of hesitation). Being decisive is something I have lacked from time to time, especially on my current course through the corporation.

So you don’t practice what you preach? I definitely do.

What I mean by my indecisiveness is there are endless restraints that are placed on you from the organisation and indeed the system. Essentially, each stage in progression is some form of damage limitation in the context of the day to day frustration. From my understanding this does not pass even at the “pinnacle of your career” after having frank discussions with lead members in their respective lanes. This can make even the most assured and confident of us unsure on how to act. Being a creative is encouraged in theory but in practice it is best to follow instructions from your colleagues.

Again, I have no issues with this as I do not have the acumen as a new member to manage situations alone (and I doubt I ever will) but the big turn off is the rigidity in everything you do. Being rigid is something I can’t say I have ever been. I am not talking about sexual proclivities if you are a female and your mind has strayed.


Falling in line? A cog in a machine?


“I could rhyme all night” was a quote from Notorious BIG’s last recorded freestyle before his untimely demise and that is exactly how Rams feels about this biography and indeed any creative aspect of media.

This was lifted off the biography page entitled (the BOYs) and as you should be able to tell, I did not put this in for fits and giggles. It is the truth your honour. If you know me, you will know that the entertainment world, which goes hand in hand with our movement is something that makes me feel alive. The ease at which I can cite a reference from pop culture to complement my own lifestyle is something that you are either born with or not. I can talk that talk in entertainment.

The entertainment world is calling me, I did not call it.

My earlier critiques of implementation does not arise due to a reluctance in being a team player. If that was the case, I would:

a) not be able to complete my training

b) not be able to co-exist with my homie and create Imperious Entertainment

The future

The vision for this brand is on a different level to anything I have ever committed to before in my life – and that is a big statement. Everyday, we are working not only on the day job but also on the brand. The road ahead is likely to be tortuous and there will be “highs” and “lows” but that is the case for anything in life.

The corporation is a dream that is 99.9% complete and I am forever grateful for that. In life, I have not stopped dreaming:


What say you?

Thanks for your time



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