Is Demi Rose 10/10? Tom Zanetti More and More ft Karen Harding REVIEW

Tom Zanetti is a British singer, song-writer and model from Leeds in northern England. The 28 year old is best known for his tune You Want Me featuring Sadie Ama. In his latest tune More and More Zanetti has 22 year old Demi Rose looking all types of sensational. The busty Birmingham shorty is the UK Queen of Instagram, was Tyga’s ex after Kylie Jenner and is looking to try her hand as a DJ.

God-damn! Leaving us wanting More and More

“Is Demi Rose too booby?” Ladies, this is a quote I heard from one of you before

Understated Demi

Demi Rose with clothes on! Fellas, have you been with anyone physically more attractive?

I want to see the evidence

Karen Harding whose music I definitely bump is singing her ass off on More and More. I think Ms Harding has potential to do great things in the music industry. Her contribution to More and More was the standout aspect (of the song at least!) I love Karen’s vocals on Say Something, which I still bump!

More and More Official Audio and Video

These electronic tunes always have lavish holiday videos where a couple are on location. Tom and Demi are doing what couples do in the video. Outdoor activities, partying and “beating” (having intercourse). Everything seems to go swimmingly for the couple until the White Man’s kryptonite kicks in, which is alcohol.

One young blonde lass is all over Tom in the club with an onlooking Demi looking hurt. Tom is riddled with guilt as appearances are often worst than the act. I mean it is not like he was piping that out in the toilets but the scene is incriminating enough for Demi.

Zanetti is a good looking dude but he should be counting his lucky stars that he is dealing with Demi Rose in the first place!


According to the comment section, the fans thought Tom’s rap was cringy. His flow is definitely not current. Zanetti came like some old school UK garage MC in year 2000.

That’s cool Rams but we need more Demi…

The savages need this!



Without Karen Harding, I would have given this tune a 5 as it is quite a generic Electronic tune. The rap was a ‘joke ting’ and the video looked like the season finale of TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex).

Summer is upon us so expect people to turn up to tunes like this

If I were to rate Demi Rose in terms of aesthetics it would be at least a 9/10. She is not the most natural looking of women to say the least but in her lane of curvy UK chicks she is No.1.

Rams Zanetti


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