Is Gucci King of the South? Gucci Mane Curve (ft The Weeknd) REVIEW

Gucci Mane is a Hip Hop legend hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Curve is the newest song that dropped on September 13th 2017 off the upcoming album, Mr. Davis. Gucci’s real name is Radric Delantic Davis if you wanted to know his social and choice of LP name. In this latest offering, Curve sees Gucci link up with The Weeknd, who is a megastar. Fellow XO member, Nav produced the beat so salute to him for this entrancing instrumental. If you want to check out more from Nav then click here

The making of Curve

“I’m a huge fan and I respect the Weeknd and whole team of XO,“ he said. “We exchanged numbers and started build a rapport with each other. And we were bouncing off records; I’ll send him records, he’ll send me beats. And then one day he sent me this record that Nav produced. It was like an early birthday gift or Christmas present” – Gucci Mane

Official Audio

The guys are stuntin’ on these fickle women as they decide to Curve their advances.  All these hoes want is the finer things in life so it’s Fendi this and Gucci that. Fuck outta here!


I know you want the Birkin
Baby, are you worth it?
With the curve (with the curve)
I know you don’t deserve it, know you don’t deserve it
I got that work (brrr)

In life there are many double-standards that rightly or wrongly exist. Traditionally, society encouraged men to be the breadwinners, although I believe it’s wrong for a man or woman to be fully financially dependent on their mate.

Incidentally, lately Imperious Ent have been conducting interviews with both sexes to find out their opinions on the financial aspect of any relationship. As Rams grows in life, in both the corporate and entrepreneurial lane, I have and will continue to put a woman onto game.  This is why I echo the below lyrics from New York rapper Cam’Ron…

No disrespect mami

No disrespect at all

In a year or two maybe you can get a store

You should honour my core

You want a Honda Accord?

Im tryna turn you into an entrepreneur



Curve slaps, especially when you turn up the volume on that bitch. The Weeknd came through with a fire verse and hook. Gucci’s classic slippery flow was the icing on the cake.

Rams Mane





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