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Is London a foreign country? Facts behind the mentality; London vs UK

London is head and shoulders better than the rest of the UK.

Shout out to everywhere else in the UK but you would have to be deluded to factually dispute London being No. 1. We have touched other spots in the UK such as the Midlands, South coast and Wales so we are in a position to speak from a ‘foreign’ lens. As the biggest Metropolis in Europe, London is basically a foreign country and I will break down the facts!

Being sensitive to facts reflects on the person, not the fact!

Of course, we have touched on this before as we celebrated why our hometown is so celebrated – Top 5 reasons why London is a great city!

London the major market in the UK

In addition, just to be balanced to our supporters from outside London, I personally, broke down the reservations non-Londoners have about the capital. If you ask me, it speaks more to a lack of ambition and fear of ‘taking a leap’ than anything but I was fair – What do non-Londoners think about London?

Special mention to Daniel Knowles of Buzzfeed

I am not trying to rip off anybody so I must give praise to the source of this post. 3 years ago, Daniel Knowles wrote a spectacular article in Buzzfeed that was brought to my attention this week.

Men lie, Women lie, Numbers don’t!

Factual Breakdown on London being No.1

Jeks and Rams uniquely speak in a manner that is factual and to the point, which is packaged as having a slick mouth. Our actions are in keeping with the facts that everything outside London pales in comparison to our expectations of London. This might sound damning but any gripes with London being the best needs to lobbied at politicians.

There is one grossly lopsided power-house whilst the rest of the UK trails behind

London is richer

People can try and go on like money does not matter but it does. Growing up without dough was a totally different experience to my current transition. London accounts for 22% of the TOTAL British economy. Londoners earn on average 29% more than the rest of Britain.

Being a cultural melting pot, London exposes and enlightens its residents to people from all walks of life. For those who support the Far Right (aka UKIP) this might be a distressing fact. What I find is diversity enables me to speak and relate to all people not just my creed.

Londoners speak many languages

This follows the previous statistic. Clearly speaking just English, Scottish or Welsh is not the only tongue heard in the London streets. Again, language helps to broaden your horizons and I have picked up phrases from other people’s bars.

Hang tight all my APNAS, KARLAS, GOURAS (Asians, Blacks and Whites)!

London is less White

Now, now, I can sense the uproar of that statement. Personally, as someone who is 1/4 White, I don’t necessarily care that London is less White than the rest of the UK. But, I am acutely aware of my appearance as a Black man, which I am also proud of. Even when I go to Nigeria on holiday the fact that everybody is one race (Black) is a strange feeling for me as I am used to diversity!

When you are outside London you are very aware of your colour

Londoners are better qualified!

Intelligence will tell you that being academically qualified does not mean you are necessarily more intelligent than the next man. Or does it? The limitations in measuring intelligence

I feel that this fact speaks to the fact that people with degrees go to London in the pursuit of maximising their fortunes, which makes sense.

London is younger

Young professionals (Yuppies) flock to London to set-up life in the inner city to be close to the pulse of UK culture. Of course, this is not to say that London is not meant for people over 40. But it is a place where the youth keep the vibrance going!

Londoners rent than own

Now, this is an interesting one. Ultimately, this is the frustration in some senses with London as you are renting more time than owning.

However, if you are a Londoner would you rather rent in Clapham or own a house in Middlesborough [Insert another dead location]?

In the not so distant future, this will not apply to Jeks and Rams as the salary will be sufficient for a cool sized mortgage in London, whether that is solely Corporate or in addition to Imperious Entertainment. God willing!

Most people live in flats

Everyone enjoys the legendary TV series Friends based in New York City. They definitely were not living in a detached house with a big sized garden. They lived in flats (apartments) as there is no space in the heart and soul of the city for those bars. However, if you want a big house in Richmond, London offers that too.


Who needs a car?

Transport links in London are not replicated anywhere else in the UK. London is the only place in the UK where people mostly travel to work using public transport than car. Often, the frustration lies on being squashed like a sardine on the tube in the morning.

However, again if you are scared of being around fellow people then I cannot relate.


Londoners are on the gear mate!

This may be due to the young population but Londoners are more likely to be on the ‘gear’ (drugs) than anywhere else in the UK. This is not a fact to be proud of unless you are a drug dealer as the demand is clearly present.

In life you are faced with many choices and the best answer to uncertainty is No!

Londoners drink less

It can be argued that drinking is just a form of escaping one’s reality as well as a way of letting loose. There is less emphasis on booze culture based off statistics in London.

Londoners eat fancier food

Unsuprisingly, Londoners eat posh and varied food in comparison to the rest of the UK. My family and I have prided ourselves on finding niche spots to dine as that is the lifestyle we are in pursuit of. As everyone should be in pursuit of too.

But shout out to McDonalds for holding me down! LOL! The point is the option to dine correctly is there as it is on our doorstep.

Financially less equal

People are shocked that within London, the rich live side by side with the poor. This was demonstrated by the recent tragic inferno of Grenfell Tower in West London. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea where the tower block was located is the richest borough with the average wage being £43,000. Although clearly not everybody in the borough earns that amount.

As London has the greatest concentration of wealth in Europe what it does is serves as motivation for Londoners to go out and chase their dreams, so they can live the high life too.

Ignorance is bliss! If I did not see Porsche’s parked up on million pound roads when I was growing up maybe I would be less motivated to get to the cash!

So what is the point of all this Rams?

The point is highly ambitious people migrate to London not out of London

London vs The UK

London is basically a foreign country compared to the rest of the UK. I say that with greater confidence now that I have looked at the statistics. If we were to look at the current year’s statistics I am sure it would reflect these numbers and perhaps the gap would be wider.

The mentality of a Londoner is different to everywhere else in the UK. The expectations of a Londoner is different. The experiences of a Londoner is different.

If you do not keep up with the daily pursuit then you get left behind in London. Not everybody in London is happy with their situation but I doubt they would easily give up living in London for somewhere else.

This is a famous quote from Samuel Johnson

Peace to all whether you are from London or not. In life you can give only so much advice up to a limit but it is up to the individual to act on it or not. London sells itself and it certainly doesn’t need me to break it down.

If London is not for you that is cool as two people are rarely going to bump into one another.

King of London is a tagline but it is a mentality to motivate us all. I want quite the life so returning to London once and for all is inevitable.




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