Is this the wave? Wretch 32 Tell Me (ft. Kojo Funds, Jahlani) REVIEW

The UK is doing bits creatively at the moment so I salute that. Wretch 32 drops new song Tell Me, which features Kojo Funds and smooth backings from Jahlani. This is a melody driven song, so Tell Me fits into the current UK mould. African and Caribbean melodies are married and UK slang is interspersed to create a vibe. Interestingly, the sample for Tell Me derives from Whitney Houston’s classic It’s Not Right But It’s Okay.

The Queen Whitney is sampled on Tell Me

There is a formula and a lot of UK acts are trying to execute the sound, which should be encouraged rather than chastised. So-called “Afroswing” is something I respect more as opposed to other tactics to get a hit. N Dubz on every song or Ibiza anthems for the WHITES is played out and they all come running back after that.

Tell Me Official Audio

Official Video Tell Me

The official video to Tell Me dropped on September 25th 2017 and it has just under a million views at the time of press. I cannot even front, the song is wavy and as a result it is part of my music library. Tell Me will be on the 12 track new album slated for release on October 13th 2o17. FR32 is the name of this project so be on the lookout for this as it’s just around the corner.

Everybody will be satisfied with this tune by way of viewing public as it caters for a lot of demographics. Nubians have another “unification of sounds” reccid and Caucasians have a song with enough melodies so they are not scared. We have covered Kojo Funds on our website before as he featured on Mabel’s  breakthrough song Finders Keepers

Please do not get in your feelings, I love the Anglo-Saxon woman and my ‘get out of jail’ card is having Anglo-Saxon blood mixed in!

Lyrics to Tell Me

So tell me what you want
Ay yay, I know you want the best of me, yeah
Ay yay, you know that I’m your remedy, yeah
Baby, just don’t play no games
Baby can you come my way?
‘Cause I’m a boss and I’m here to sta-a-a-ay

Kojo came through with a mean hook to attempt to mesmerise the listener-dem. I caught myself singing a long to the “st-a-a-ay” bit so it has that infectious appeal.

So imagine if I told you that I want you
Imagine if it all came true
Here’s a little remedy to rub ina your heart
Cah anyting ah anyting, you’re rolling with a boss

Man like Wretch used his special finisher with the “anyting ah anyting”, which he has used on a F64 back in the day. Some of these UK heads have special finishers that they constantly revisit. For Frisco it’s either “They can never say suck your Mum” or “Who’s Mum?” and I respek it!

Shola Ama back in the day – Looking like a snack on the roads!

Wretch references Shola Ama’s 1999 classic song Imagine and along with a couple slick lines and wordplay he doesn’t overdo it with lyricism for the vibe.



We gon see where Tell Me goes musically but I think it has potential. The UK is currently enjoying a surge of melodic energy so the emphasis seems to finally be on quality of song and not spraying a set.

Speaking of energy, I’m off to practice some primal energy by way of Kundalini.

Rams 32


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