Is this tune intended to be global? AJ Tracey False 9 REVIEW

AJ Tracey is back with his latest tune entitled False 9, which dropped midnight 1st July 2017. AJ Tracey hails from Ladbroke Grove, West London and in terms of marketability (being light skinned) and talent he can POTENTIALLY go places. Baza produced False 9 for AJ Tracey, the resident Tottenham Hotspur fanatic. In fact AJ Tracey revealed False 9, in a brand new nightclub in Seven Sisters called

Previously, in a Daily Duppy, which is a format to showcase your bars, AJ Tracey dropped a lot of soccer references. Even with the text popping up on the screen to direct the viewer that concept is not going to get you that ASS. Nobody cares about that gimmick, respectfully. Unless, you somehow craft a catchy song out of those “quirky” bars with Zara Larsson on the hook. I’m trolling!

AJ Tracey sporting Tottenham Hotspur’s (soccer team) new kit!

False 9 has hella soccer related references

False 9 Production

Prince Baza is the latest APNA (South Asian) ‘trying a ting’ (doing their thing) in UK urban music. Man like Baza produced False 9 and he has worked with a bag of other man. I won’t lie, I am proud that I know 8 out of the 14 names listed. Can the same be said for the reader?

Baza ??

—- Credits: Noisey, AJ Tracey, Meridian Dan, Chip, Wiley, Prez T, Bossman, Wrigz, Big Zuu, Milli Major, Hardy Caprio, Moelogo, Eyez —-

Rams, what the fuck is a False 9 ?

False 9 is a position in soccer in which the player occupies the top of the pitch as if he is a ‘striker’ but in reality he drops into the midfield at each opportunity. The purpose of this is to provide midfield cover and late runs to execute goals so it is harder to mark them out of the game.

AJ Tracey is telling the fans that he has the skill set musically to do whatever the fuck he wants and that is a confidence that I can respect.

They call man false 9
I can play anywhere and I shine
I got more than a lot on the line

The most dangerous False 9 on the god-damn planet

Leo Messi of Barcelona

Official Video False 9

My hopes for this tune is that this features on the FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer series as that is the only successful look that I can see for this tune. I know the UK so apart from the initial gassed “fans” in the YouTube comments this song is going to come and go. If Tottenham Hotspur themselves have endorsed False 9 then that is a look but I cannot see that being the case officially.



In no way do I think False 9 is trash but the concept in my eyes is weak. Unless AJ is getting a direct soccer cheque off this then he could have done without it.

We need to hear more growth in song-making than soccer bars, which come and go.

*Personally, I like AJ (hence I leant towards a 6 than 5) so I do want to see him win. It won’t be with this I’m afraid.

Rams Hotspur.

Na Rams

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