Is J Hus the top boy in the UK – Common Sense REVIEW

Man like J Hus is back with Common Sense. Hus has that fire melody, which is making his star profile rise on the roads. We have reviewed J Hus Did You See already, which was a shellers (hot). Radio is bumping that reccid (record) HEAVY! African themed vocals are currently being embraced in the mainstream. Ask Drizzy Drake who collaborated with Wizkid on Come Closer. Common Sense, incidentally is also the name of J Hus’ debut album. Common Sense is dropping on May 12th 2017 so keep it locked for that!

Is J Hus the dude with the shoes in the UK music scene?

Common Sense The Album

J Hus sat down with Beats 1 Host Julie Adenuga and explained the genesis behind the title of the project. In essence, shit should be self-explanatory, common sense if you will. Shout out to his team for preventing the title being called Bare Tunes.

“It’s just common sense that everyone should be listening to J Hus,” he said of the album title. “There were bare different names, it was going to be called, Soul Music like, ‘I’ll give them my soul,’ but apparently Fabolous had it already. And then we had something called Bare Tunes, but my managers were like, ‘are you serious?’

Julie Adenuga – Skepta’s sister


On Common Sense, J Hus does a U’y (U-Turn) with his usual Afrobeats sound. The 808-driven previous singles are not replicated on Common Sense. Instead there are mad instruments such as organs, pianos and a slap bass guitar. Man like J Hus is trying to restore the feeling of 80’s Hip Hop with this one. Evolving sounds, which is a good look to have.

Twerkin your BOONDA (ASS) is put away on Common Sense

Common Sense Video

Published on May 5th 2017, Common Sense is definitely keeping the momentum up following on from the previous smash. Looking at the comments the fans-dem were not expecting this instrumental. Keep them guessing! Hus also told Julie Adenuga that he wants to work with more female artists namely, Jhene Aiko and Zara Larsson.

Zara Larsson is a sexy bitch!

Common Sense Lyrics

J Hus is describing how his life is transforming due to his new found “success.” Time will tell whether he sustains the wave but Common Sense is a solid musical follow up. Cockney rhyming slang says that monkey is slang for £500 but the monkey he refers to could be the brand Bape. Regardless, he is stepping out in something.

Doing styles on them like it’s common sense
Hopped out the Benz like it’s common sense
Got a monkey on my feet like it’s common sense
Got gorillas in the streets like it’s common sense
Stack the money, heads up, like it’s second nature
Gotta stay poled up, like it’s second nature
Keep a chip in my ear, like it’s second nature
Big bunda make me stare, like second nature

Man like Rams is not into rating other dude’s looks but Hus is no Brad Pitt. Common Sense sees Hus detract comments about his looks and that.

“J Hus ugly, innit”, baby, one minute
Your bunda looking wicked
Ay-o, I started off gentle
My stroke game mental, my lifestyle eventful
I didn’t mean to offend you

Can J Hus keep us bubblin’?



Musically, I dig the fact that Common Sense sonically is different to Did You See. We as the watching audience need to see versatility before we can buy into you. Epic Records have signed his black ass so we will see what happens as bare man (a lot of guys) from the UK have been signed off a buzz and shelved.

Imperious Entertainment – We are the culture.



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