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For the ravers. East London rapper J Hus, real name Momodou Jallow dropped “Did You See”, which is a melodic banger. From his government name you are excused in thinking he is the latest hot boy French African player. Did You See, is of the UK-Afro-beats ilk which is fused in with Caribbean influences. This new sound is blurring lines by way of black nationalism. J Hus leaves his audience with waves to surf on Did You See. On a personal aside, J Hus looks like a dude who went school with me who would get brushed in year 8 for being a fresh Af (African). Today is a new day though.

If the blacks ever unite, it’ll be a scary sight!

J Hus looking like a dark-skin Kylian Mbappe


JAE5 is the producer who lays this laid back, melodic production. If your head is not swaying to this then you are a hater. You can even swivel your hips if you want. Did You See contains one or two stand-out lines but the feel of the tune is much more important than BORRS (bars).


J Hus is dressed in all white in the opening scenes. We have already discussed the power meter within the Nubian community with white on white attire – ! J Hus has featured on some prominent UK urban acts songs, namely, Stormzy, Dave and Nines.

When Rams throws on Did You See your chick will be gyrating her hips just like this!

Shaking Bunda (ass)


“Did you see what I done?
Came in a black Benz, left in a white one”

J Hus seems to have an addiction to the German Mercedes Benz company. Is this a slick metaphor for bitches? I am not even going to try and delve into this bar as it aint that deep, brother!

” I’d be a genius if I didn’t think with my penis
Gyaldem thinking I’m awesome
Mandem approach with caution
True say we came with the bonsam
But true say we came for the bunda
Some round ting that I can put my paws on”

Lothario bars. On Did You See, J Hus is saying he would be able to maximise his intellectual potential if he was not so infatuated with bitches. Now, I do not know what type of shorties he was grabbing before music, respectfully, but I feel this bar. He came for the Bunda, which is Portuguese for ASS so he can put his hands on that!

“They never seen such a skinny man in a big puffer jacket
That’s unfamiliar, I came looking like a bodybuilder
Out here’s windy yana”

Joke ting. Despite being of slight build J Hus is asserting that he looks wham in a big puffer jacket. That is some next oxymoron. It is just as well his skinny ass is in a solid layer as its windy out here yana.



Perhaps, I am being too generous but this tune is wavy and y’all know I like hedonism and melody. J Hus was in pocket over this instrumental and the tune is catchy as hell. I have it in replay and on the wireless Solo Beats headphones you can really express your inner Af on this!

To be fair one could have sprayed any bars over this beat, which is what he did by and large apart from the one or two lines I picked out above. It don’t matter what you say, the beat will do all the work. All he needed to do was lay an infectious hook.

Shout out to J Hus but more importantly, shout out to all the struggling UK rappers who persist with their non melodic flows!

Your dude




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