J Hus Spirit REVIEW; Is J Hus a musical genius in the UK scene?

J Hus is the self-professed @theuglygram on Instagram but his music thus far has been beautiful. The newest joint is entitled Spirit. Hus, from Stratford in East London dropped his most commercial banger Did You See

The UK sales board is called BPI and Did You See has officially gone Platinum. What this means is that the tune has sold/streamed an equivalent of 600,000+ copies. In the USA, it is 1 million to go platinum but the UK population is not on the same scale as the US.

Spirit – The Sound

Spirit is another Afro-swing tune that has stemmed from his debut album entitled Common Sense. If you ask me Hus has heralded in a new sound in UK music. As a fellow Londoner, I want to see these guys win, so I respect that they are not trying to be boxed in – musically!

However, this time Hus takes a more reflective stance, choosing to look back on his journey. It could have been a lot darker than it was but the party feel keeps the vibe popping.

If I end up dead or poppin’ on the wing, just know mummy raised a king

J Hus is dropping hits

Official Audio and Video

Spirit is set in Africa on some Unforgettable

Hus is deep in the Ghana hood, according to the YouTube comments, which have stirred some internal African discussion. Hus’s origins are from another West African country called Gambia. Regardless, Hus is somewhere in Africa and is getting back to his roots.


Despite the setbacks Hus has experienced in his life, he will always keep his spirits high and remain positive. This is a message that should echo with everyone. I have taken L’s (losses) in life but I always learn from them, which makes the W’s (wins) all the more sweeter.

Even when we never had a penny, yeah, we always had spirit
They can bun my flesh, but they can’t touch my spirit
They wan’ take way my freedom, but they can’t take away my spirit
‘Cause even when we never had a penny, yeah, we always had spirit

Live by loyalty and honour, same time I do what I wanna
And I know how to treat a woman proper ‘cuh I seen mama suffer



Spirit might not have the bubble of Did You See but it is another dimension, which is important when building a catalogue. The album Common Sense is wavy and Hus is doing bits musically.

I can see that Hus is trying to “pattern a ting” (do big things) in the UK music scene and his stock is rising (PAUSE). As a nominee for a Mercury Prize 2017, salute to man!

Rams Hus, @theuglykol



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