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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 most POWERFUL radio freestyles – #1

Best Jay Z freestyle ? Jeks vs Rams Series

Yo, I swear if you put my articles on your websites n all that, I want 700 %

Featuring the Jay Z freestyle, we’ll break down the most powerful radio freestyles that impacted us and the Hip Hop community.


Allow me to introduce a new format to the Imperious movement. The ‘Jeks vs Rams Series’ will consist of back and forth ‘tit for tat’ posts where we highlight some of the most prominent elements of a certain category. These will be usually areas that have moulded our personalities into what they are. I’m first up so I will break down what this series will be all about.

Top 8 most POWERFUL radio freestyles- Jay Z freestyle

Radio freestyles or performances have been an intrinsic element in Hip Hop since the early nineties. They can provide artists with a massive stage to impress and make a name for themselves. It can also allow established artists to solidify their spot as one of the best out. We all know the ‘RECCIDS’ are the most important aspect but radio can provide the culture a more personal insight into the artist due to the live nature.

Now we will try to break down the most ‘powerful’ radio freestyles. This isn’t supposed to be the most lyrical radio freestyles ever, apologies to all my backpackers. By powerful, I mean the most impactful to us. There will be a lot of egotistical lines .. which we can relate to. And where better to start than with arguably the best Jay Z freestyle.

#1 Jay Z freestyle over Dear Summer on Hot97

Jay Z was definitely feeling himself in this classic radio freestyle on the Funkmaster Flex show . In the early 2000’s, Funkmaster Flex had the biggest Hip Hop radio show in the world and he was a highly influential personality in the culture. If you haven’t heard of Funkmaster Flex and you think he has a ridiculous moniker, then you and David Letterman have something in common.

He starts off by stating that he wants 700% if people try to use his verses on their songs. This was believed to be a shot at a young rapper on the come-up named Cassidy who sampled Jay Z’s voice on his hit song ‘I’m a hustler’. I relate to how Jigga feels because when you have a big personality, people around you tend to be influenced by you. I’ve been around cats who ended up sending texts like me, making larger than life comments like me in my presence (but are tame at all other times) and trying to be antisocial like me. I’m more than happy being a life coach, I just want my 700%. Even in a Jay Z freestyle, there are quotes for days.

This is all tongue in cheek of course.

“Do not put my verses on your Reccids Dawg”

Sumbliminal king? Jay Z freestyle breakdown

He goes on to gloriously rap his verses from Dear Summer (before it was released)  effortlessly and doesn’t miss a syllable. This is debatably one of his top 10 verses ever and the best Jay Z freestyle. Again people believed this verse was a subliminal diss to another young rapper at the time, the Game. His intent was to show people that he was on another stratosphere to these young gunners, and from then till now, the gap has only widened. Rams once said that he doesn’t argue, he makes factual points with a smile. That’s definitely what Jay Z was doing on this.

“They like the drunk uncle in your family
You know they lame, you feel ashamed,but you love ’em the same
It’s like when niggas make subliminal records
If it ain’t directed directly at me, I don’t respect it

You don’t really want it with Hov, for the record
I put a couple careers on hold,
you could be next kid”

Jay Z is a MONSTER with a calm demeanor. That’s the Imperious ethos. “Oh I ain’t never mad” is a another Rams classic quote.

The cherry on top of the sundae was the ecstatic child-like giggling you can hear in the studio whilst Jay Z is spraying his lines. The imperious boys are used to hearing those giggles when we’re giving ladies ‘exclusive interviews’.

We Gets.. BIZZY

Over to Rams for the next in our series

Spoiler alert, another Jay Z freestyle appears in this series, click here for more. Rams, over to you. What you got in response? I know your going to take it the Ratchet ‘rowt’.



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