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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most MEMORABLE UK music moments – #2 D Double E

Allow us to introduce the new installment to the Jeks vs Rams Series. The top 8 most MEMORABLE UK music moments fits in perfectly as we are London boys all day everyday. We grew up in the “ends/manor/the blocks/the roads” or the neighbourhood for those of you who are not converse with the language of London. A moment can be captured anywhere so the parameters are not confined to the recording booth. The ignorance levels in this series will be high so if you are easily offended please handle your apprehension appropriately. This is London! Next up: D Double E

It’s not long.. It’s very quickkk

It’s D Double.. still the lickkk

D Double E – Aim High Freestyle


The location of this epic freestyle was the stairs of Jammer’s basement. If you’re of the culture, then you already know the legendary setting that this is and included other such classic events like the Wiley vs Kano clash. Way before Grime was in fashion, most of the scenery consisted of basements, pirate radio stations and the roadside.

Old school fashion – Akademiks

Let’s just say that East London fashion has always been a mad one. There was this interesting love for the Akademiks brand which always looked a bit shit to me, but I used to respect how East London heads used to make rather expensive garms look very hungry. D Double E was rocking the retro Akademiks jean jacket which I’m sure was ‘THE LICK’ back in the day. It’s so classic.


Just the way the video transitions is hilarious, but the bars are the main dish.

I only deal with original written

That’s why man like me is getting bitten

Pure MC’s wanna be my petition well listen

Rudeboy you’re on a long mission

The facial expressions that were on display in this video are on par with the actual bars. He is basically telling us that he is the lyrical ‘Dan’ and he doesn’t appreciate other guys trying to replicate his style. I have no idea how D Double E created his individualistic style, but it fits him like a glove (and not like the OJ kind). Throughout the video he gets progressively incensed that people are ‘trying to jack his lyrical’. He will also ‘do’ any MC whether it is inside or outside of his borough of Newham. Who remembers when the postcode wars were real in London?

Each and everyone of my bars – them a classical

Your known in the hood and I’m known international

Soon gonna make P’s like Abbey National


with an experimental

Fire bars! aahh D Double E is on one at this point. He feels as if all these ‘biters’ and emulators are small change and he is soon going to be making money on a level of a moderately sized bank or building society. I love it. D Double E is so fired up, he decides to add his own customary sound effects, and I believe, it got the message across. Throughout, he maintains an icey glare, reminiscent of a parent about to discipline a child.

About you wanna jack my lyrical..jack my written

with my flow that’s never gonna fit ’em

Lyrically fist in the mouth I’m gonna give em

Next time when a bigger mana chat upon the riddim

Better HOLD it down, you don’t wanna be missin

D Double E’s threats are getting more severe at this point and he is getting frustrated about the idea that someone will try to steal his lines even though they could never master his flow. I feel your pain D Double E, I really do.

Hold it down, you don’t wanna be kipping

get put in the boot of the whip your whipping

I’m a heavyweight, you’re gonna need help living

You don’t wanna get caught slipping

By now the message should be crystal clear! This is one of my most memorable UK music moments as it truly represents that early Grime culture. Before the days when people thought getting signed and making radio friendly songs was even an option. It also represents that essence of London to me also. The setting may not be glitzy,but the combative competitive nature of the city is fully on show and the hunger for success is also there. And also, D double E’s style is so unique, it cannot be tainted by people trying to say it was influenced by America.

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Rams, where are you going to take the series with the next installment?


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