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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most MEMORABLE UK music moments – #4 Chipmunk & Ice Kid

We’re back with the fourth installment of the series where we put focus on the instant emergence to the scene of two younger’s, Chipmunk and Ice Kid. RETURN OF THE 16 YEAR OLD’S – SHOWER MAN TIMES.

“Name you’re favourite website, I write a post, make it look like ANYTHING”

“Want to clash then just ask, because I guarantee any website that it won’t any longer than my moustache”

#4 – Chipmunk & Ice Kid Freestyle on Westwood Show

So not for the first time, the Tim Westwood show was the setting for another memorable music moment. Whether you like him or not, he’s a legendary cat in the game and has done a lot for the ‘urban’ scene in the UK. He was a champion of american hip hop in England and later opened up a lot of doors for UK MC’s down the years. Certain man will say that he had to embrace the UK guys as they were making a lot of noise, but nonetheless he had the platform where he could call the shots.

Wiley came up to the studio which I’m sure the BBC was happy he even turned up. He brought with him two hungry teenagers who were not known to Westwood, but they took there opportunity on a national stage to flaunt bars. When Imperious entertainment gets that national push, there will be no stuttering, choking, sweating, none of that.

First up was a young Chipmunk from north london who was the more skippy than his counterpart. There’s nothing like talented youngsters who know they’re better than most.

Everyday I’ve got a black racksack 2 pens, 2 pads – yea fam I’m a carrier

Chipmunk represented that sweetboy look with butter skippy flow, but enough cockiness for everyone to embrace. It helped set the levels for a new standard in the UK where we needed more than hype in your voice to get ratings.

Ice Kid was second up and he did his thing with a different flavour.

I wanna make dough from a parker pen

write flows for a calmer end and attend a stage show up in a range rover

Don’t let the ‘baileys’ complexion fool you. This 16 year old expressed some troubled bars. Full of aggression, paranoia and demonism. These bars were definitely those of a grown man. But again, the quality and clarity of the bars was groundbreaking especially from those so young.

Sometimes I jack bre’s, but I hate when there’s only keys and a bus pass

This was a memorable moment for me as I think it was the first time where the scene had some up and comers who could garner love outside of the scene. Obviously groups like “So Solid Crew” had achieved some pop success whilst keeping it authentic before this, but we all knew middle England wasn’t really ready for that unfortunately. At the end of the day, in England, if you ain’t making heartthrob music as a young ethnic, it’s going to be difficult to really sell out nationally. It’s do-able, but HARD.

Do you agree?

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