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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most MEMORABLE UK music moments – #5 Dizzee Rascal vs Crazy Titch

I’m CHARGED after the last entry. Here is the #5 entry in the current series. Now, if you ask me, Grime is best served with ignorance and aggression, and this was on full display in this entry. Some of you may be alarmed to hear this from me as I stand for peace. However, this is not about me. It is about a demographic of young urban males who eventually grow up but in the interim they “coon”around. Let’s face it – it’s all entertainment. In Grime I struggle to list any tunes I actually bump but I can reel off these ignorant moments all day. The #4 entry sums up the mentality of the young urban male in London…

“Hold tight everyone back in the ends! On my estate, it’s highly bate, there’s not one guy I highly rate.”

Oi Jeks, I don’t know what these other cultural commentators said yeah “But I’m not a MOOK, I dont know who told you that but I’m not a MOOK”


Grime was birthed in East London and it’s origins were extremely hungry. Jeks already touched on the “fashion scene” (pardon me for laughing at that phrase) in East back in the day. Perhaps, when first purchased the garms (clothes) were ghetto fabulous but soon after they were worn down to the last thread.

Does everyone remember when fitted hats from New Era first burst onto the scene? I must have had a stripey design fitted like every other urban youth in London, but I never rocked one as hungry as Crazy Titch in this clip.

Moving on from the fashion, the venues were very hungry too. There used to be live sets on the roof as well as the stairs of some dingy looking basement. These modest elements only served to fuel the raw and authentic lyrics that were heard on a 140bpm format and I loved the ignorance.

Clash – Roll Deep vs Boys N Da Hood

Post Code Wars “Dumb Nigga Shit”

London is a very tribal city. I am 27 years old so I am in a different space to the youngers on the block, but I was aware of “different territories” in my teens. I am sure there was an element of territorial war vying for supremacy in the Grime genre.

The Roll Deep Crew, which was fronted by Wiley Kat (as he was known back in the day) and Boys N Da Hood, which was all about the maniac, Crazy Titch. Roll Deep was centred around Bow in Tower Hamlets and Boys N Da Hood was based in Newham, There was an affiliation between Titch and the Nasty Crew outfit – also based in the borough of Newham.

Now, if you ask me, I always had the impression that these Newham dons were not for play! Like Stormin said when he burst into the room:

“What’s going on – Who’s talking WHAT, WHERE, WHEN?”

Analysing that jacket he had with the unorthodox hood, if I was a mediator in the beef, I would be weary that imminent chaos would ensue. They were based on a roof with all these hot heads. Only God knows, how somebody did not get sent to Newham General Hospital that night.


Dizzee or “Dillon” was having an MC Clash (a battle) with Crazy Titch. Noticeably, when Dizzee was spitting, people were moving their heads to the rhythm. When Titch had the mic, the movement of others was reduced. This man was the “boogie man” of Grime if you ask me. In his own words, he had a criminal history as long as his arm. He was not really there to exhibit his mic talents. He was just there to spit some aggression and make the audience feel his pain.

It’s hard to decipher these bars without subtitles as the audio is shit but I’ll try…

“Jack em, Stack em, I’m that WHAT .. Boy in the Corner I’m that WHAT .. Dedication we show”


Dizzee’s 1st album was a London Classic “Boy In Da Corner”

Titch got more incensed as he snatched the mic off Dillon…

“Everybody wants a strap, everybody wants a gat, no-one wants to get shot”

He definitely was not trying to get people to sing-a-long to these bars. He just wanted to prove a point. I mean where is the bar structure but let’s not get it twisted – I would DEFINITELY be saying “Yes Titch” if I was present!

Titch pump faked with the mic – meaning he motioned to give it back to Dillon but thought otherwise and retained it in his grasp. This triggered Dillon to say the infamous

“I’m not a MOOK .. I’m not a MOOK .. I don’t know who told you but I’m not a MOOK”

He later went on to say that Titch should not be restrained but let’s face it. Titch in all reality would have washed Dillon on the roof. He would have washed a lot of us.

Where are they now?

Dizzee is up on VladTV as a beacon of Grime advocating for the genre in order for the appeal to reach US shores. I commend that – although I am sceptical as to the outcome of that.

Do you think people in the US care about Grime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Where is Titch now? In the penitentiary. He and an associate sprayed up a Music Producer over a music lyric. The Producer had alligned himself with an up and coming MC who had dissed Titch’s half brother – Durrty Goodz.

What was the result? 30 years as a convicted murderer.

How was he identified? By a Grime fan who was a concerned citizen (not a snitch like you wanabee goons say) who WITNESSED the incident.

A “fucking lyric.”

We hope you have found this entry both entertaining and enlightening.

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