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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most MEMORABLE UK music moments – #6 Ghetts vs Bashy Grime clash

“Where’s Carlos”

After a short intermission, we’re back with the sixth installment of the series and there are some bait faces involved. The previous offering in this list was full of ignorance (ahem, ‘competitive spirit’) including some scary individuals. I know Rams loves that kind of aggressive content. He will be sure to enjoy this post involving another lyrical contest that went sour in a very entertaining fashion. Ghetto vs Bashy Grime clash.

“Don’t be fooled, Just because I’m not HENCH”

#6 Ghetto vs Bashy Grime clash

You could argue that this was back in the 2000’s which is widely accepted as the golden era of Grime. It had more of an authentic feel to the scene, and due to the fact that a lot of the MC’s were authentically ‘road’, there was a lot of ghetto comedy on offer. At the time of this Grime clash, Grime MC’s used to clash in an attempt to gain some attention or notoriety as a hard MC. Bashy, a west London MC, was actually one of the leading Grime artists back in the day and Ghetto (or Ghetts) was a hungry aggresive MC on the come up. Bashy was living up to the West London stereotype as a sweet guy sporting colourful garments and freestyling ‘off the top’. Ghetto came as his name suggests, aggressive and evidently trying to intimidate his opponent.

Round 3 provided the classic Grime moment when Bashy stirred the pot with this line;

“I heard you were in Jail getting banged in your cell”

Ghetto was INCENSED that Bashy was spreading this homosexual rhetoric in his direction and implying he was the small spoon during his time incarcerated. He continued with this angle even suggesting Ghetto was getting soapy with his cellmates.

Ghetto could not hold in his frustrations any longer squared up with Bashy. He questioned his sanity and claimed exuberantly

“I was a fucking BADBOY in jail

Do your research, Where’s Carlos? Ask him about when I was in Jail

Stick to the truth”

Hilarious or Ignorant?

If you’re not used to these type of personalities, the comedic factor may be lost on you, but the ghetto mannerisms are too funny. The mention of ‘Carlos’ who remained a mythical individual in the Grime scene was hilarious and is a  phrase known by many who follow the scene. I imagined Carlos to be a Phil Mitchell type; a certified goon with a quirky name.

Much gets made about how the UK scene co-exists with the US music scene, but as long as there are personalities like Ghetts (no comment on his abilities to make songs), then that identity is going to remain STRONG.

Shout out to Rams and I eagerly await the next installment in the list.

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