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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most MEMORABLE UK music moments – #7 Brixton Youngers

The coonery is high in this next installment. I have to summon the younger “gassed up” Rams. “Where’s the wires?” What about the capital of urban South-West London, Brixton? These Brixton youngers have brought a next “impact” to the urban UK scene. Allow me if you may, to set the scene for those who may not be converse with the sub-cultures within London.

For the more “progressive nubians”, if you are on this Marcus Garvey/Professor X “Back to Africa” wave, South London is the home of the UK’s largest African and African-Caribbean community. Not withstanding, regardless of your racial composition, if you are a goon then I am not sleeping on nobody. I file taxes in April and work in a county that ends in –Shire. I don’t want no problems.


Brixton activists against gentrification – Is “The Man” taking over?


Brixton Village in 2016 – Is “The Man” taking over?

South London is the ends that birthed me but I do not subscribe to tribalism, unless I am trolling. Every side of London brings its own unique flavour to the recipe that makes up the city that we love. South London is the area that ‘rings bells’ when it comes to this urban UK life – or am I wrong? If South London was put in the context of New York City, in my opinion it would represent Brooklyn. Outside of Brooklyn, the next comparison is Philly due to the element of being an “ak”.  South-West is more gentrified than South-East but regardless,”struggle bars are sensationalized”. Maybe it’s the fact that the river separates us from North, West and East but it has a different feel.

I’ll try and scrape the barrel with the music…

Ard Adz

This track sums up the hunger. Adz details his journey through life, which has been tortuous to say the least. I’ll keep it real I could only directly relate to the first line having grown up in a single parent home in South London too. But I am not expecting violins to play in the background as I recently told Jeks in Selfridge’s whilst sporting a wool-rich coat, “I used to enjoy jamming with coons and returning to my good house-hold.” This is compounded  with the fact my Moms lived on Royal Crescent, in Holland Park,  for a stint in her younger years ALLEGEDLY. But back to the hunger.

My life’s been hard, bruddas, it’s just as I expected, My Dad blew out bruddas, the prick aint respected

Age 11, the first time I got arrested, I got detected for robbery attempted, 12 to 16 I went to Arhbishop Tennison’s, Me and Joof had it locked from Brixton to Kennington

The school priest used to try and throw the Bible at me, cah me and ?Charz used to wet up yutes from Michael Ramsey

I used to get bare letters off Shallow Kid, he said when he hits the road he gonna let his arrow spit,

Ask man in Feltz, they say I’m a boss, me and Joof used to wrap niggas up in the mosque (Astagfirullah)

Me I ain’t bothered bout returning to jail, the only thing I’m worried about is heaven or hell,

See these pound sterling’s I’m earning them, now I’m rolling with Smokey from Birmingham, we’re in the whip with the burner in, first Fed try and stop the car, I’ma murder him

Sneaky or Sneakbo

Sneakbo’s more memorable lines involve feats regarding his alleged sexual prowess with women. On some LL Cool J vibes but far, far hungrier than the Queens native. This is arguably one of his best tracks so far. It’s a wave that definitely fits his rhyme scheme and I mean that respectfully.

And Fam, I wan fly to Milan, see a hot ting, shaped nice with a tan, she’s on Sneakbo my girl is a fan, I bubbled her up like shaking a can

Like La La La La, She wan do the boogie, ride me in a bright red hoodie, red riding hood, she wan do me, I can’t lie I’m a cat for the poonie

Fuck going home, I’ma sex all week, Then back to the streets (A Town), it’s mad peak, fam everybody wan pitch Sneaky

Political Peak

Political Peak.I remember the days of dropping “That’s political” back in the days. Reminiscing on the days where cooning seemed such an attractive way of life. Peak and his fellow conglomerate member Looch Gwalla displayed more of that conflict of interest, which epitomises the sound. It’s a dichotomy between materialism and violence which is wonderful when done correctly.

Hoodie up like a vampire, girls wanna bang I’ya, I just want my stack higher, money is the de-sire

Came with the dank fire, nobody is perfect, in love with the dunya, although it aint worth it

Looking at the swag, yeah, I’m double G’d up, double G’s on, G’d up from the feet up

And my girls no C cup, straight D cup, said she dont wanna deal with you, you’ve got a straight weener.

Final Thoughts

I gave these man too much.

Taking the regional tinted glasses off (as I am nobody’s fan if it is the urban UK music scene) the impact of these guys musically, is extremely limited. However, let me not rush this point. From a purely entertaining commodity point of view, the Brixton youngers have brought something unrivaled to the game. Hilarious and unintentional. This is the same for any inner-city goon in London but a lot of these Brixton guys appear to do music “full-time.”

Do I think they will ever blow? Respectfully, I will leave that for you the co-commentators to answer.

Remember, I have to go back to my hood and I don’t want any threats by way of Snapchat.

Peace and Love




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