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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 most POWERFUL radio freestyles – #2

Jeks set it in style with that classic Jigga freestyle.  I’m definitely going to “Take off the blazer, loosen up the tie, step aside the booth, Superman is alive” with this particular entry in the series.

Without further ado let’s keep the series pushing with further lyricism, wit and misogyny (apologies).  Next up to rock.

“Turn your tux red, I’m far from broke, got enough bread

And mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nothing Butthead”

#2 Big L  ’98 Freestyle on ‘Stretch & Bobbito Show’ 89.9 FM

Big L (God bless the dead) was one of the most deadly MC’s with a masterful blend of punch-lines and a sharp flow that gave the listeners that “I just shit my pants” face.  The 24 year old at the time, real name, Lamont Coleman, delivered two lethal verses on the Stretch and Bobbito show.  Stretch and Bobbito were responsible for introducing a lot of unknown MC’s in the 90s to their platform who eventually went on to beome rap juggernauts.  Big L certainly did not take an L despite him stating at the beginning he was kind of tired.

Verse 1

Fuck all the glamour and glitz, I plan to get rich,

I’m from New York and never been a fan of the Knicks

I could relate to this as it sums up my own endeavours. London and New York are both world cities and within each city many feel you have to conform and support the local team but I have never subscribed to that conformity.  I support Man Utd and I have been questioned over my allegiance but life is not a geography lesson. One day I may be in South London (allegedly) penning this post and the next St Tropez working on a tan (I’m already black).

My game is vicious and cruel, fucking chicks is the rule

If my girl thinks I’m loyal then that bitch is a fool

Highly controversial.  A product of his inner-city environment in Harlem, New York.  In said environments often the only strong female role model is someone’s MAWMS (Moms).  Hence terms for young single women such as “hood-rats” were birthed.  Often lyrics such as the above are cited to tear down the integrity of hip hop and I do agree these bars are hard to defend. But the shit was fire.

Verse 2

My life is far out, I got star clout

Every week bring a different car out

Go to clubs and buy the bar out

These lyrics serve as inspiration to inner city youth like myself. But let’s face it I didn’t hear this on a gospel album. I heard this in a rapper’s verse amongst other bars detailing the ‘stitches for snitches’ for the intended recipient of his lyrical rage.  I believe Jeks and Rams have star clout so I certainly want to bring a different car out every week.  Perhaps my only criticism would be buying the bar out as a walk through by Imperious Ent should be valid a reason to buy us the drinks.

To end for the low attention readers…

I’ma take you out your misery,

And after this, nigga put you in a social study book

Cause your history


Yo, it’s time for Jeks to move the crowd.


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