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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 most POWERFUL radio freestyles – #3 Fabolous

Imperious boys turn stars, now you wanna scar our faces with shanks

We’ll break down the most powerful radio freestyles that impacted us and the Hip Hop community.

Rams, your Big L offering was wonderful, now let me strip this post naked and stick a long broom up it’s ass.

My next suggestion features one of the biggest rappers out at the time, and a relatively unknown rookie.

#3 Fabolous & N.O.R.E – DJ Clue Freestyle 1998

In 1998, N.O.R.E was on top of the world. He previously had success as one half of the rap duo ‘CNN’. But after the release of his debut solo album, he was transitioning into a star. Fabolous on the other hand, was a young hungry Brooklyn rapper who was brought up to the radio station to perform for DJ Clue, who was unaware of him previously. To his surprise, DJ Clue informed Fabolous that he could rhyme for him live on air after the next commercial break.

What was impressive was that the young gunner had written his rhymes in the car on the way to the radio station. He held it together and not only impressed the people in the room, but he also made an impression on the Hip Hop scene and it kickstarted his career.

He later said that he actually messed up at the end of his first verse as he had not fully memorized his lines, however he was luckily interrupted by N.O.R.E who was eager to get a piece of the mic and no one really noticed the stumble.

This nigga tryna seize more cheese than Sbarro
Pull up slowly, in the P’s in the Camaro
Use to hustle, and go on knees for de niro
Now you hear me on the radio like Cease De Janeiro

Now it’s not important who Cease De Janeiro is because the fact that after a lot of struggle and doing a lot of dirty work for the green buck, he was living out his rhymes by making it onto the radio, which was a huge deal back in the day.

N.O.R.E had some powerful lines too.

Y’all niggas is wrong even when y’all right
While I’m thugged out, finna be the next Suge Knight
Yo love women, they reason I still write
Uno dos tres quatro, pick one, and stick one
They all fall victim

Women are also the reason I write, however I let them pick me, and stick me. I’m eternally a victim..

But I commend N.O.R.E’s ‘confident’ demeanor.

Push the drop to show, for niggas who pop for those
Who pop the Rose
Wit the stones in the face
Chromes in the waist, puttin’ gnomes into place
These hot 9 shots’ll put ya bones into place

Rap usually encompasses a blend of the more gutter aspects of society mixed with aspirations for the most desirable lifestyles. The hunger for more is a driving force behind the Imperious brand. And we all know or fair share of ‘gnomes’. We call them ‘mooks’.

Fabolous is still a prominent name in the scene and he’s fixed his smile too. Growth.

Rams, which POWERFUL radio freestyle is going to be number 4 n our list?


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