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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most POWERFUL Radio Freestyles – #5 Uncle Murda

BROOKLYN .. EAST NEW YYAAWWK .. (of course!) .. GMG! ..(listen.. don’t staap)

Oh that’s your website boo? It’s a NOBODY… On the internet, it gets treated like a NOBODY. The fifth pick in the series goes to Uncle Murda and rightfully so.

#5 Uncle Murda

Rams, the #4 pick was very strong as you picked a freestyle from those Harlem slick talkers. I think Cam’ron said at one point that he was selling dreams to the phone and stated that he could even “sell the tone”. That is super egotistical and I love it. Now we’re going to transition from the fly Harlem cats to a Brooklyn resident who probably excels in different.. ‘aspects’. I don’t think Uncle Murda (U.M) could “sell the tone”.  However, If you were on a telephone call with this young gentleman, it would probably be best to buy whatever he is selling (refer to the photo at the top of this post and I’m sure you will agree).


The first 4 picks in this series included some undoubted greats of the game. Now, U.M is not quite on that level as of right now, RESPECTFULLY (I do not want any problems Mr. Murda), but this radio freestyle is very powerful. His lyrics had a basic structure which was probably purposefully done, and his messages were crystal clear. It seems Funkmaster Flex brings out a very cocky nature in these young males. What makes this freestyle POWERFUL is his facial expressions. Let’s get into some standout lines.


Who that kid right there son – NOBODY

That ice grill he rocking ain’t scaring – NOBODY

I know what hood he from see he a – NOBODY

His gun a virgin he never caught – NO BODIES

Murda starts it off REAL strong. I feel like I mirror the psyche expressed in this first verse on most days. Sometimes you wake up feeling untouchable and that anyone around you trying to ‘style’ on you is really a NOBODY. This applies to the guys who love to talk about themselves like they are some type of big shot.. but where’s the evidence? Get out of my face with that weak stuff. Murda uses a nice pun by saying these alleged gangsters have weapons that are virgins, as they have not been responsible for any murders (still on zero in terms of sexual body count). These lines are definitely not family friendly but we can mould it into a more day to day statement. We can just pretend that he means that his competitors have no..accolades. Uncle Murda is definitely not hiding his opinion that he’s the best and he is fully flexing. This mentality resonates with many aspects of Imperious Ent.

I got my girl kissing on my other girl’s BODY

They do what I say cus I paid for both of their BODIES

U.M is talking real ‘rekliss’ at this point. He is stating that he has not only one, but in fact, TWO loyal females. And how has he earned this loyalty? By buying these females cosmetic enhancements; probably by way of breast augmentation and buttock enlargement. Do I agree with any of this rhetoric? That is debatable. Regardless, the power meter probably blew up after he rapped these lines. You’ve got to love ignorance sometimes.

Disclaimer; Imperious Entertainment is an intelligent entity and do not promote ignorance, however we enjoy it immensely

If you’re not a team player, I can’t coach you

Don’t come at me with your hands out, I don’t owe you

Uncle Murda just will not quit supplying us with power statements. My interpretation of this, is that if you want to benefit from being around him, you better be able to take advice and PLAY YOUR POSITION. It is probably not in your best interests to act all Hollywood around this guy. Do you feel like that sometimes?

Oh yea, do not be acting entitled either, you may pay for it.

I break rules – I do what I wanna do

I’m black but I can be latin king if wanted to

This is the cherry on top of the sundae. Uncle Murda is stating that he can transcend racial and cultural barriers and be the king of the Latino people if he chose to be. I’m pulling your leg! At least I hope that is not what he is getting at..Latin kings are a major Chicago based street gang. Although he would still have to go against the grain racially to become a member. But he has an ego big enough to try and I respect that.


Rams, are you a fan of Uncle Murda? I hope whatever response you choose is a well worded one! Over to you for #6


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