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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most POWERFUL Radio Freestyles – #6 Kiss

Lying about how you was out here hurting the street, Lying about how your team is the strongest, Meanwhile the whole effin dorm been feeding your black ass for the longest!!

Now these moguls wanna poli’ with Rams, cause they found out your site’s lukewarm and ours CALIENTE

#6 Jadakiss – Hot 97 (D-Block/LOX)

Shout out to Uncle Murda at #5  Jeks, you asked if I’m a fan – You damn right B.  I don’t want NO PROBLEMS with the East New York native.  The next entry in the series is a more lyrical candidate (RESPECTFULLY).

I think it is safe to assume that I would not “keep it real from the gate and tell Uncle Murda you aint lyrical in your face”

Jadakiss, who arguably amongst the top 5 MC’s of all time, features in our top 8 list – as he should.  Kiss was definitely feeling powerful that day.  J Hood warmed the mic up for Kiss who spit hot line after hot line until that made me do the “I just shit my pants” face.  Kiss has a knack of blending in the grimy street shit with some polished descriptions of materialism.  In all truth I could have included the whole freestyle in this but that is what the clip is for:

After putting out the flames on your screen, let us break down the powerful lines…

Niggas got their eyes on me, And I aint talking bout the BM when I Say I got 7 45’s on me
Couple of chains, couple of watches, Moved up from the top 5 a couple of notches
Couple of L’s, couple of Ox’s, Put a couple of your loved ones up in them boxes

Jadakiss wordplay in the first line is ON POINT.  Kiss is not addressing the 7 series BMW line, but instead is boasting about the impressive arsonal he has at his disposal.  To have seven .45 calibre hand-guns on his personal is quite a feat, which implies he has others toting them for him.  Power moves.  Kiss has been pumping up the opinion that he belongs in the top 5 and here he is letting the fans know that his profits have seen him assume this ascension up the list.  The listener should agree to disagree as he claims a “couple of Ox’s” (a sharp blade according to Urban Dictionary) will leave your loved ones in a ‘deep sleep.’

Put it out let the streets talk, no promo, A REAL MAN SHOULDN’T HAVE TO SAY NO HOMO

The early to mid 2000’s saw a lot of New York crew’s vying for the top spot.  D-Block were up against Dipset and although Kiss and King Jaffe Joe (Cam’Ron) are real cool, this was a sneak diss.  Cam created and popularised the phrase – No homo.  Kiss is calling out the insecurities in Cam’s mind for doing so.

They already sent your face to the Doctor, and you let the Brooklyn niggas break in your locker

Another sneak diss to Dipset.  Kiss is making reference to the infamous incident at the Rucker Park in Harlem where members of Junior Maffia jumped Dipset at a basketball game.  Junior Maffia hail from Brooklyn, which is considered the “burrough” (borough) of the livest dudes in New York; unlike the fly boy tag that the Harlem dudes promote.  Jimmy got an ass-whipping and Cam fled.  Again, there is too much love for Dipset to attach the video of this incident.

Live life proper Moms hit me with quotes from the Bible, I catch them golf side and hope for survival
If I aint the trigger man them I’m the one liable

Kiss is letting us know that his mother instilled good values in him despite his many violent references.  He is able to digest quotes from the scriptures but at the same time he will catch his victim slippin’ on the golf course.  Kiss claims that if he is not the ‘button man’, then he is the one liable.  There are two definitions of liable.  One is that he is legally answerable and the second is that he is likely to do something.  Whatever the definition is, Kiss is not shirking his responsibility despite his fame to get his hands dirty.

It’s all simple mathematics,
I eat HALF off rap and HALF off addicts

Once again Kiss is letting you know that he is not the one to be tried.  Kiss earns his income in both a legal and illegal (ALLEGEDLY) manner.  He eats half of his considerable skill as a rapper and the other half is from addicts.  Perhaps he is alluding to employment in the community encouraging addicts to get clean.  This would be a highly commendable act from the Yonkers legend.

An open mouth is a closed case, a closed case is an open mouth,
Tear gas and smoke em out

What does this mean? Kiss is referencing the conduct of opening your mouth in relation to the outcome of a particular legal case.

My interpretation is that opening your mouth in the interrogation room will lead to the prosecutors closing the case in the sense of finding you or your associates guilty of the crimes.  However, if you had just kept your mouth closed the prosecutors would be battling away with an open case.  Whatever it means, Kiss breaks down the consequences of opening your mouth.

The series is drawing to an end.  It’s all about powerful freestyles.

Jeks what have you got for them at #7


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