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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most POWERFUL Radio Freestyles – #7 Jay Z..AGAIN

Say when, say when

#7 features a return to the series of Jay Z. He gave them WAY too much in this classic radio freestyle. There’s no way you’ll not read this installment and feel 3 inches taller. This shows the growth of Jay Z who used to get his money half from rap, and half from drug addicts in the infamous words of Jadakiss who came into the series at #6.

#7 – Jay Z .. the Grammy Jigga

Let me not front. I had to debate picking Jay Z for the second time in the fear of being labelled a stan, zealot, or even worse, a ‘D-Rider’. But Jay Z possesses wonderful music artistry, an air of superiority and a growth curve that all contributes to being a strong force in this series.

The platform was once again Hot 97 and the host was Funkmaster Flex. The era was around the ‘Kingdom Come’ album which in itself was a reference to a forsaken Superman who saves an undeserving human race from extinction. It is not a humble album title.

He starts off by saying that his movement is so powerful and independent, he may indeed go ahead and purchase Koch Records, the biggest independent record label at the time.

KOCh Reccidz
KOCH Reccidz


I’m getting courted by the bosses
The Edgars And Doug Morris-es-es
Jimmy I’s and Lyors-es — it’s
Gotta be more than the choruses
They respecting my mind now
Just a matter of time now
Operation: Takeover Corporate
Makeover offices-es-es then takeover all of it
Please may these words be recorded
To serve as testimony that I saw it all before it
Came to fruition, sort of a premonition
Uncontrollable hustler’s ambition

I love this part. Jay Z recalls being ‘courted’ by fellow bosses as the respect for him goes further than music. They are respecting his mind. He is going to use this insight into accumulating ‘mogul status’ and to take over ‘Corporate’. I’m sure Rams will agree that this pretty much sums up the Imperious mentality. This is inspiration and the message is that you can channel your talent into achieving anything. It’s “just a matter of time now’. We’ve had premonitions of success since Izod socks.

Hov got flow though he’s no Big and Pac, but he’s close
How I’m ‘posed to win, they got me fightin’ ghosts
Same sword they knight you they gon’ good night you with
Sh.., Thats’ only half if they like you
That ain’t even the half what they might do

Jay Z then starts getting introspective and basically gives us an inner monologue of someone who believes in his own greatness. He talks about being compared to the other greats of the game like Biggie and Tupac and acknowledges that it is going to be pretty difficult to get shown more love than spirits. He goes on to say that the same people who will shower you wih compliments and hail you with accolades won’t hesitate to contribute to your demise. It’s another sly reference to the forsaken Superman I mentioned earlier and being a Superhero is a recuring theme. I personally think Superman was corny, but I often feel like the Batman of the mogul game.

Everybody wanna be the King then shots ring
You layin’ on your balcony with holes in your dream
Or you Malcolm X’d out, get distracted by screams
Everybody get your hand off my jeans
Everybody look at you strange, say you changed
Uhh! Like you work that hard to stay the same
Uhh! Game stays the same, the name changes
So its best for those to not overdose on being famous
Most kings get driven so insane
That they try to hit the same vein that Kurt Cobain did

He continues to discuss the negatives of achieving success and being a young king. He says that the success and the fame come with a lot of pitfalls. Whether it is criticism that you’ve changed and your not ‘real’ any longer. A topic that is frequently discussed at the Imperious headquarters is the idea of growth. Every year, we’re trying to grow and add more ammunition to the bandolier. Like Jigga said, it doesn’t make sense to work hard to stay the same.

As I said earlier, Jay Z gave them WAY too much in the freestyle so I implore to go back and re-listen to all the hidden gems.

All is left is for Rams to conclude the series. Do it right baby.

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