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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most POWERFUL Radio Freestyles – #8 Lloyd Banks

#8 rounds off the series in a fitting manner. Jeks was right to bring Jigga back. Banks tore the mic to shreds with his sexually charged bars. “My style so different.” Word. Banks offers up a powerful freestyle on his mentality with women.

It will be hard for this freestyle to go above your heads but if it does take the Jay Z approach “76 floors you can call me the Doc, remember when Doc played 76ers, Dr Jay, so I got the 76th floor of the joint .. ahh whatever”

“I got a habit in the worst way, seen through haters since the first grade, learnt how to surf waves”

#8 Lloyd Banks – Hot 97 (Funkmaster Flex) 2010

Disclaimer: The following breakdown of the lyrics pertaining to said freestyle are not intended to promote misogyny. Imperious Ent offers their apologies to anybody easily offended. The following lyrics were POWERFUL in terms of the vivid imagery Banks deploys with women. Imperious Ent love and respect the ladies.

“Shorty don’t want me, she want what I can give her,

Ten bedrooms, swimming pool and a river,

She have ALL THREE if I was a weak nigga,

But unfortunately for you, I’m Blue”

Lloyd Banks is notorious for his sexual promiscuity. He has had relations with many “fly bitches” and I mean that with the utmost respect. Banks has claimed in the past that he has never gone on a date and that he has never had a girlfriend. Here Banks is detailing the actions of a money hungry young female who is in the picture solely for his assets. The alias “Blue Hefner” refers to his sexual prowess inspired by the Playboy Mogul, Hugh Hefner. The female described here was unsuccessful in her plans due to his discipline.

Rams has already said “That’s the discipline” is a quote that influenced the Imperious Ent slang. Re-reading the bars now, let us leave that to the speculation.

blue hefner

The Blue Hefner Project – Banks and The Vixens

Call me what you want but don’t call me for shit,

I’m slinging, hard d*** all you can get,

My phone ringing, which means you ain’t my only chick”

Banks does not mind whether you call him every name under the sun. He does not want you to call him on his phone as he is attending to multiple women. Vivid imagery owing to the phrase “I’m slinging” as if being a Casanova is some type of drug dealing occupation for Banks. Only God knows how one acquires this mind-set. Let’s just say I attempted to apply this mind-set; would this mean I would need thick skin to let a scorned female’s words fly over my head? I’m a nice guy so it would be hard to get into “character.”

“I’ve got to mingle, fuck having handcuffs on”

Cuffin’ is a term used in hip hop to describe a male being in a relationship with a woman. A slick metaphor. Love rules though and let me not instigate myself as I may or may not be in a “situation” (ALLEGEDLY). However, I have seen evidence over the years of many young males cuffin’ their women. Carrying the shopping bags, fluffing pillows and holding hands no matter what – all things I would do.

“Makes no sense to commit, for what I knew would pass

I like my girls like my cars, NEW AND FAST”

Banks is a savage with the chicks. The only sense he can make out of a commitment is one in which he has no obligations to a woman’s wishes. I can’t say I respect this but it sounds fantastic when he raps. I love the women which is why I wish to cater my half of the brand to you. The keyword is women.

“Censorship can’t censor me, it made me louder,

Gunshots didn’t stop me, it gave me power”

I will attempt to balance out the above lines with this. Banks does not wish to have his voice quelled by the powers that be. They have made his voice louder.

Rams has been told to clean up the posts for fear of being “vulgar”, which is a legitimate point but one day I will win a Pulitzer Prize for online journalism.

Banks was shot in his hood in Queens, New York in the past. Fellow G-Unit member Tony Yayo said on The Breakfast Club that Banks coolly walked himself to the hospital after this nasty experience. I guess it gave him power.

“Trendsetter from my hat to my sweater,

I switch whips according to the weather,

Banks aint a cuffer, I clap her then forget her,

Let her find someone that will treat her better …

M.O.B. forever”

Banks brags about the style he has in a grandiose manner. The cars he drives are dictated by the weather. Presumably an open top convertible in the sunshine and a 4×4 in the winter months. Banks stresses once again that he is not a cuffer. He has relations with women and then forgets they existed. He offers the women the hope that someone with more respect will treat them better – as they should.

Money over bitches forever… (ALLEGEDLY)

If you need proof this is not just rap, take a look at the below clip.

If you do not like listening to alleged “thots” skip straight to 1 min 58 seconds when Yaris Sanchez admits that Banks and her were in relations.

The series…

Imperious Ent have thoroughly enjoyed the series. Going back to back on our top 8 most POWERFUL radio freestyles has been a pleasure. We would love to know your own thoughts on the series. What was your own favourite? Would your top 8 be different?

I echo Jeks words and urge you, our special co-commentators of the culture to check out “The Primacy Podcast.”

God bless



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