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Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most MEMORABLE UK music moments – #1 Ghetts

Allow us to introduce the new installment to the Jeks vs Rams Series. The top 8 most MEMORABLE UK music moments fits in perfectly as we are London boys all day everyday. We grew up in the “ends/manor/the blocks/the roads” or the neighbourhood for those of you who are not converse with the language of London. A moment can be captured anywhere so the parameters are not confined to the recording booth. The ignorance levels in this series will be high so if you are easily offended please handle your apprehension appropriately. This is London! 

“Ahh Movement DVD innit, it’s calm man, it’s unlicensed, it’s normal .. PUT IT AWAY, PUT IT AWAY”

#1 Movement DVD – Wiley vs Ghetts

I’m going to do my best to break down all the elements of this particular memorable moment as bare man featured in this ting.


The backdrop is Roman Road in East London, which is the birthplace of Grime and home of many of the city’s ‘most recognisable’ acts. The main protagonists in the scene were present for this particular clip from “The Movement DVD Documentary”.  The ‘Movement’ consists of Ghetts, Wretch 32, Scorcher and Mercston. Wiley and Skepta from rival group BBK were also in attendance and the whole of this clip is littered with quotes.


The grime-father and pioneer of the scene in many people’s eyes. Wiley is also the guy that just about everyone in the scene has “sent for” by way of diss tracks. Wiley in this video was “not having a bar of it” meaning he was not going to be belittled by other musicians in the scene. Wiley Kat (as he was known as back in the days) sent for Lethal B and SAS Killa and Boya D.

“Where’s Lethal? He ain’t in boundary”

Boundary must be the invisible line between Wiley’s East London in Bow and Lethal’s East London in Leyton.

“Blud, I emerged out of Jungle Fever, Volume 1 creeper, Roman street sweeper, 

Don’t get gash by the hour, rudeboy I get gash by the meter”

Channel U days of “Gash by the hour” by Sas Killa and Boya D.

But this is what really set it off and this has been referenced in the Jeks biography under “the BOYs“;

“Plus my Mum’s family come from Antigua, you come from West but you don’t know Younger or the Beaver,

Man was in carnival ten years back with the real Eastside Westside leaders man ah badman man ah breeders”


Skepta who is the head of ‘Boy Better Know’ and hails from North London delivered some unforgettable bars. Personally, I loved the ignorance and the dichotomy between going to the rave to bubble with chicks, and also having a borer (a bladed object). Skeppy’s lyrics feature on “Spaceship” but his delivery on that day was so clean that he even had me saying: Go on then!!

“Temple tourer, champagne borer, Winchmore warrior, Class A courier, 

Grime scene ambassador, duppy maker, Poom poom saviour, Ally Pally Jungle raver

Entry ticket and a borer, Fresh haircuit with a side parting and a border,

So sent me to explorer, private caller ignorer – GO ON THEN”


Ghetts was high energy that day probably owing to his “bredrin” Scorcher just being released from the bin. Ghetts was his usual hyper self but as Scorcher said “You shouldn’t even be spitting on this” 

Ghetts was not impressed by Wiley’s efforts in their back to back as he thinks Wiley “tried it”.

“There’s no introduction needed, I’m a genius and I’m even schooling seniors,

Next year Porsche’s Beamers”

I’ll let the car talk slide as Ghetts mindset was definitely hungry back then and I mean that with the utmost respect. Before the aggression got the best of him and he stopped spitting, man was spazzing out.

“Hello the name’s Ghetto, Justin, Reggie, all the same fellow and I aint mellow, 

Niggas tryna break me down I aint lego, He say I’m an angry K-A-N-O, I was like N-O, 

You know my M-O, I say it to your face no memo, I’m on the roads like lines that are yellow”

Wretch 32

Wretch got his bars off too. He was ‘tired as fuck’, but his thoughts were telling him that he “might as well bless it”.

“I ain’t Hansel and Gretel, I’m handsome and ghetto,

I ain’t afraid of the chrome, these yutes are still fade and a comb”

But what I really loved about Wretch’s contribution was when Wiley and Ghetts were deliberating on who would be next up and what the beat selection would be. Wretch was adamant that they turned the beat off and just got to the bars.

“Plenty style fi acapella”


Last but by no means least was Scorcher, who was fresh home. The nappy hair had been trimmed and all the lighties in the ends could pin his poster back on their bedroom walls. Scorch did not find religion in the bin. Man was still with the fuckery.

“I’m shooting at stars, literally shooting at stars,

I can’t put crime down even though I put my line down 

I still keep moving with bars”

However, the star quote was with the top featured quote. Scorcher captured the essence of the whole clip by imploring Ghetts to put it away. Rams does not want to speculate what exactly was “unlicensed” as I have my own “pending situation” which requires a clean DBS (or CRB for the old school mandem).

Let us wrap up…

The Top 8 most MEMORABLE UK music moments has kicked off. This clip was littered with gems that have stayed with Imperious Jeks and Imperious Rams. I loved the ignorance above everything.

Jeks my don, what have you got for the mandem and the gyal out there?


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