Jhene Aiko While We’re Young REVIEW

Westcoast representatieve, Jhene Aiko is back with a super smooth cut While We’re Young. This track dropped today, June 9th 2017, so you already know it is burning the internet up. Seemingly, Jhene was preparing for a full roll-out of an upcoming album when she dropped Maniac in November 2016. While We’re Young is Jhene’s first lead artist reccid since that outing and this is an emotional ode to Big Sean with the concept/emotion of love. Get the tissues out if you’re inclined by the story of the video.

Jhene is a pretty bitch!

Message behind the music

“I really like to take my time and make sure that it’s a true representation of me and what I’ve been through. It’s way more than music. It’s like an art project that I’ve been working on that I can’t wait to share.” – Jhene Aiko

Jhene displays her excellent song-writing skills in While We’re Young and the mid-tempo reccid shows off her vocal range.  The sophomore album is tentatively entitled TRIP 17 so be on the lookout for details regarding its release.

Official Video While We’re Young

Essentially for you ‘The Notebook type’ motherfuckers While We’re Young captures Jhene playing a young lady with short term memory loss. This proves problematic for her boyfriend who tries to jog her memory of his existence in her life with the aid of a video-recording device. Bottom line to the shenanigans is that love prevails, which it definitely does.  Love is a beautiful message to deliver especially during the climate of today’s dark world.


Jhene sings that she will go anywhere her lover goes as she is in love with him and that is a real testament to the time they have built together.

I’ll go everywhere you go
(I’ll go everywhere you go)
You know I’ll go, I’ll go
Everywhere you go

Jhene claims that she is a rider in While We’re Young, which is definitely aimed at Big Sean, her boyfriend. Their relationship got off to a controversial start in the eyes of the public as Jhene divorced her Producer husband, Dot The Genius. Public perception was that Jhene was hoe’in during the marriage as she immediately landed up in the arms of Big Sean afterwards.

Spend my life with you, alright
You know I’m down to ride



While We’re Young fulfils its intent to capture feelings whether you are cynical or live in a pink fluffy world. Jhene is an artist with a cult like following and her new album should be fire if this outing is any indicator.

Relationship Rams





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