Katy Perry ft Migos Bon Appetit REVIEW

Pop Princess vibes. Katy Perry is charged with new single Bon Appetit ft Migos. Her appetite for seduction is on full display with the sound captured on Bon Appetit. The sexual undercurrent to this pop anthem is clear as day.  All three members of Migos lay a verse on Bon Appetit, which is on the fourth Katy Perry studio album. Expect Bon Appetit to get crazy radio play and sizzle as the weather heats up.

Got me spread like a buffet
Bon appétit, baby

Katy Perry invites Migos into her pink fluffy world on Bon Appetit

Bon Appétit Production

Sexy Katy has star studded production on Bon Appetit by way of main architect, Max Martin. Dude, has written 22 number one hits. Currently, he is third in the all time list for number one hits behind Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Put some “respek” on his name. Martin has worked with Britney and Backstreet Boys in their pomp so we know the residual cheque is phenomenal.

Other production credit on Bon Appetit belongs to Shellback and Oscar Holter with the former a Swedish songwriter, record producer and artist.

Producer extraordinaire Max Martin


April 27th 2017 is when the official audio was released on Katy’s official YouTube channel. We will have to wait patiently until the video is shot. It promises to be pop raunchy and provocative. I can’t wait! The hands of the three Migos are placed on the plate of fruit with Katy’s image on it.

Is this on the menu in Bon Appetit? Respectfully!


Sex sex sex. Katy Perry’s innuendo game is strong on the hook to Bon Appetit. This is not about culinary skills at all. She wants a man to bring her that dick daddy. I apologise for the profanity but at 28 years of age, which I am proud of, let’s cut to the chase.

‘Cause I’m all that you want, boy
All that you can have, boy
Got me spread like a buffet
Bon appétit, baby
Appetite for seduction
Fresh out the oven
Melt in your mouth kind of lovin’
Bon appétit, baby

Perry keeps up the sexually charged bars in her verse on Bon Appetit. Babygirl wants a Kobe sexually. Google says this is slang for a BIG EGO. No doubt, it probably stems from former legendary LA Lakers Basketball player, Kobe Bryant. Kobe had the nickname “Black Mamba.” Alice in Wonderland bars. I love it deep down.

Looks like you’ve been starving
You’ve got those hungry eyes
You could use some sugar
‘Cause your levels ain’t right
I’m a five-star Michelin
A Kobe flown in

Migos do their thing on Bon Appetit as we expect. Takeoffs flow on a big feature is a strong look. Offset did his thing with his bars. In this song, Quavo shone brightest in my opinion. I like the double entendres and the food-sex analogies. Quavo wants to just cane (have sex) with no strings and no wedding vibes (no horse or carriage).

Sweet tooth, no tooth fairy
Whipped cream, no dairy
She got her hot light on, screaming, “I’m ready”
No horses, no carriage


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I mean, at first I thought this was generic bubblegum pop. However, upon multiple listens, I have come to the conclusion that the song is hot. Shit grew on me as I married the Hip Hop and Pop. The melodies from Migos encourage a smoother transition than would be the norm though.

A strong outing on Bon Appetit.

Datway Rams

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