Kendrick Lamar The Heart Part 4 REVIEW

Hip Hop’s rhyme saviour, Kendrick Lamar, is back with The Heart Part 4. This is the lead single for the up-coming album, which is slate to drop April 7th 2017. It’s about to go down! This song has generated a lot of buzz on cocoa-butter Twitter and the Hip Hop blogs. Kendrick is allegedly subliminally dissing Big Sean and Drake. There are two parts to The Heart Part 4. The second part is hella bars which are technically wonderful but not something I actively really check for in 2017, respectfully.


The production to The Heart Part 4 sees a 4 man effort from The Alchemist, Axl Folie, Syk Sense and DJ Dahi. Kendrick raps about the transition he has made due to his success in the rap game. The reccid is K Dot’s first effort in 2017 by way of musical releases.

“Thirty Millions later, my future favours

The legendary status of a Hip Hop rhyme saviour”

Kendrick is not humble in this reccid, which in my eyes is a plus as I love it when dudes talk that shit. The beat cleverly alternates between pianos and bass to mirror the change in Kendrick’s mood from calm to aggressive. Part 2 is more aggressive and his claims to be the best rapper alive seem more valid in this section. Part 1 I was not feeling because without the aggression or the frequency of slick statements there were too many words. Fast rapping ass but what is you saying?


Kendrick sometimes gets criticised  by fans for saying a lot but not really saying a lot!

That’s a bar ON ME!!!

“My fans can’t wait for me to son ya punk-ass
And crush ya whole lil’ shit
I’ll Big Pun ya punk-ass, you a scared lil’ bitch”

This excerpt of The Heart Part 4 goes at Big Sean who uses the phrase ‘lil bitch’ in his reccids. Kendrick says he will Big Pun him an obvious play on the word Big, which is a lyrical shot. Big Pun was no pussy so bringing that energy on reccid is note-worthy but niggas is soft.

I don’t know what Kendrick Lamar is but I know he’s a Gemini!

That’s an Air Sign ya heard

“Tiptoein’ around my name, nigga, you lame
And when I get at you, homie
Don’t you just tell me you was just playin’
Oh, I was just playin’, K-Dot
C’mon, you know a nigga rock with you, bro”

Drake catches the heat from this lyrical onslaught. This bit was the only time it made me laugh due to the last line. Niggas backpedal like they stuck on reverse but that’s what it is. It seems that Kendrick wants Free Smoke and wishes a nigga would, which got the blogs rattling. Will Drizzy directly send for him? You out of your God-damn mind! Lyrically, his sword is not as sharp and he getting too much love in the Pop circuit to care.



The Heart Part 4 was a tough one and I toyed between a 6 and 7 out of 10. Technically proficient bars and a good statement song. The first part in my mind was mediocre and my ears only turned up for the second part.

Kendrick does solidify himself in the top list, which was never in question. Is he the greatest rapper alive? He has a cult like following and a lot of people in the industry will say he is.

For me, no. His music is not something I actively listen to due to my preference of other Hip Hop elements. The Black Eminem strikes back though but just like Em too many words for me in 2017. It may grow on me but it didn’t move me.

“You know what time it is, ante up, this is in forever
Y’all got ’til April the 7th to get y’all shit together”

Y’all other cultural commentators got till tomorrow to get y’all shit together, fuck a nigga mean!

Your boy



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