Kojo Funds Calling (ft. Chip) REVIEW

Waves. Kojo Funds is building a nice little musical catalogue for himself for his infectious hooks. Kojo’s personality may have been introverted up on VladTV but he puffs his chest out by way of harmonies. Calling is the newest tune featuring North London’s Chip. This song was released on 5th October 2017 on the Grm Daily YouTube channel. Man cannot front and say that I am not bubbling to this in the background as the review gets banged.

If they don’t support when you’re grinding

Don’t ever let them round when you’re shining!

Calling Official Audio

Official Video to Calling

The video to Calling seeks to portray a baller lifestyle, which is something that both the artists and us as the viewing public aspire towards. One of the pertinent motivational posts on our Instagram speaks to this point. “It’s not about the money, it’s about the lifestyle.” Location wise, it may have been shot in Croatia but regardless of factual context, it is picturesque.

Calling sees the mandem turning up on holiday with some fun seeking females and there is nothing wrong with that. Kojo is donning some type of flagrant shirt, which infers that he is ‘getting it‘ and what I mean by ‘it’ is a cheque. Here at Imperious Entertainment we do not pocket watch the next man so salute to him. Those shirts look like something The Rock used to wear back in the 90s on WWE!

Chip is coming with that off the wall back to Jamaica shit, that Bob Marley shit, with the Patois. It sounds very versatile and it blends well with his main flow. The premise of Calling is stunting on the haters and I respek it.

Lyrics to Calling

That’s the money calling me, ay, yo
The haters onto me, ay, yo
Bop and the drum go off, ay, yo
I know them boy dem so, ay, yo



This song is bubbly and the rating may creep up slightly with time. Kojo provides a catchy hook, which we have grown accustomed to getting off him.

To keep it a 1000, despite being a man of African descent, sometimes I do find this Afro-swing shit jarring. Perhaps, it is because I have grown up around Afrobeats that it becomes repetitive to my ear. Like how many variations of the same ‘chick song’ can we hear but it is still better than Grime.

Salute to the UK music scene – the classic album entitled The King of London Mixtape is on the way!


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