Kranium (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & WizKid) Can’t Believe REVIEW – Blacks!

Bloodfire. Kranium has dropped new tune entitled Can’t Believe featuring Ty Dolla and WizKid. My favourite tune from Kranium is unsurprisingly Nobody Has To Know, which is the side-man anthem. In that tune, don was romancing with some other guy’s Missus on the low like a real savage. It’s all entertainment!

Is Rams ‘Woke”?

Pan-Africanism is on show in Can’t Believe as all aspects of the “Black Experience” are represented. Kranium has the Caribbean Patois, WizKid represents the Africans and Ty Dolla shines for the ‘American Negroe.’ The UK Blacks are covered by Rams X by way of this post.

It was good for black people!

Can’t Believe Official Audio and Video

Can’t Believe is one is for the bitches.

The gang are posted up in a mountainous region with a bag of honeys just hanging out. If a young female has a BODY then this song would fit perfectly with provocative dance moves, respectfully. The vibe is nice. In fact, Ty Dolla sings about “being lost in the moment and deep in your ocean.” Slow down son!

I do subscribe to the notion that I am easily gassed by a woman – in the short term!


No woman has ever left me starstruck

Or was able to tell me to get my bars up!

Shout out to women from all races

We love “WIMMEN” (women)

Can’t Believe Lyrics

Greasy lyrics from Kranium as per usual.

When me touch down
Bed a bruk down
Inna late night, me and her locked down
Shift her draws to the side, ride the shotgun
Inna me dark glass, cut-off shorts, Clarks well clean…
Touch the road with mi bloodclaat team
See a gyal deh pon a corner a cry and a scream
You know say the boss haffi intervene
She say, her man nah give her the time
So, of course, you know say, me go give her the whine
Now she say how me is a one of a kind
And that’s how she became mine
And see it deh

He is attesting in Can’t Believe he is putting it down like a dirty animal in the bedroom. So much so that the bed may break. He is proceeding to shift panties to the side in order to get it cracking.

These Yardie dons like their Clarks looking crispy. Kranium is sporting them when he is rescuing a shorty from her mediocre situation and bringing her into a successful circle.

In Jamaica does sporting Clarks make you that dude with the motherfucking shoes?



It’s a good vibe and that world wide flavour will create an impression of sorts.

Respectfully, it could have been stronger.

I’ll leave it to the YouTube comments section to say which Black Experience was the hardest on this tune.

White People, I love y’all too!

Rams Garvey



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