Krept & Konan For Me REVIEW

South London duo, Krept and Konan have resurfaced from a musical hiatus. They are going to drop two mixtapes on the same day with two different themes. The mixtape 7 Days is the ‘grittier’ sound and 7 Nights is the “RnB” vibe. Both projects will drop on October 20th 2017 so be on the lookout for that. Krept and Konan have dropped For Me which is the most obvious attempt to chase the current sound. Criticism has arisen because this is a stark contrast to the ‘hungry punchline’ flow they used to have on the come up.

For Me sees Konan harmonising and Krept sounding like Alkaline with the Patois. The trouble with tunes like this is when it is not executed completely in pocket they sound fraudulent. For Me sounds like a watered down version of Controlla and I mean that respectfully.

For Me Official Audio

Official Video

For Me is shot in Greece and it looks wonderful. Honeys are thicker than a snicker in the video so the hood will love that detail. Content wise, I thought Konan’s part was better than Krept’s as it came across as he was trying a bit too hard. Shout out to his heritage, whatever that may be but they could have got the real Alkaline or Kranium to come with that authenticity. Even my barber in Stockwell would have come with that heat!


All your friends saying no, no, no
But your heart’s saying yeah, yeah, yeah
So tell me what I gotta do
Just to get you near ’cause I want you
So tell me what I gotta do
I love it when you do that for me

Konan is trying to paint a picture with the hook to For Me. He is urging his love interest to cast away the doubt in her mind and take a leap of faith when it comes to this love ting. Salute!



Unlike a lot of the YouTube comments, I do not think the song was trash – but it is not particularly impressionable. For Me is an unapologetic attempt to chase a sound that is currently winning in music. It is not a hit and I find it extremely unlikely for that to change.

At the end of the day the duo had not reached a musical height for this song to tarnish their earlier work. They should try and experiment with sounds as they are still not at a level their talent merits. They got signed but who cares?


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