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Kris Wu is a 26 year old Canadian-Chinese actor, singer and model. Dude has cooked up a new song with Travis Scott entitled Deserve. ‘La Flame’ provides his usual euphoric and ‘turn up’ vibe to Kris’ song, which is sizzling. Commercially, Deserve has sky-rocketed to No. 1 on US iTunes Hip Hop chart. The pair have performed the song together at New York’s Up&Down club and they tore the stage down.

Deserve dropped 11th October 2017 so it is fresh out and this may be the tune that catapults Wu to success stateside. In terms of context behind the making of this song let me provide y’all with that. Wu told legend Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio that he was in a ‘sound camp’ with various producers and writers. One of Kris’ homeboys reached out to Travis who was in New York and he was swayed enough to jump on the song. What is refreshing about Deserve is that both artists were in the studio bouncing ideas across.

Official Audio to Deserve

YouTube Audio of Deserve

Kris Wu is a former band-member of a South Korean-Chinese boy band but he took the “edgy” approach with this song. Deserve captures the current sound of Hip Hop, which Travis exemplifies. The famed ad-libs of Travis accentuate the hedonism as we sing in unison. “It’s LIT” and “Yeah Yeah” punch in and out of the up-tempo beat at the right time. This tune has all the right ingredients to be outta here so it will be interesting to see the trajectory of this joint.




Deserve slaps and my musical enjoyment is heightened with the Wireless Beats – Apple cut the cheque! I think this song has that heat so I am sure it will be in heavy rotation. For Travis it opens his star quality to other markets, namely Asia. For Kris Wu it gives him more musical credibility in the US.

What do you think of this song?

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