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Leonardo Di Caprio; Rams’ Top 5 roles he has starred in

Leonardo Di Caprio is arguably one of the greatest actors of this present generation due to his diverse filmography. Di Caprio is the hot favourite to finally end his quest for an Oscar at the 2016 Academy Awards due to his outstanding role in the film “The Revenent” (a must see).  Di Caprio recently said that he almost passed on his breakthrough film “Titanic” which grossed over $2 billion in box office. His co-star Kate Winslet convinced him to do it and as the saying goes “the rest is history” This blog is not a run through of each plot but a commentary from the Imperious Ent perspective.

Here is a look at Rams’ Top 5 Di Caprio flicks:

#1 Titanic 


The 1997 classic Titanic transformed the (*PAUSE*/No homo) fresh faced relatively unknown kid into a Holywood star

Naturally, my personality is to go against the grain of the general consensus but I couldn’t really see any other appropriate film to top this list. The director James Cameron believed in the 22 year old Di Caprios ability and cast him for the leading role as Jack Dawson. Jack was a poor man who fell for the rich or what is known in the hood as “bouji” (from the word bourgeois) chick Rose. We all know the plot. The cult like inspired scene “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD” The Celine Dion SUPER SMASH ‘My heart will go on’

I admit when I was an 8 year old kid watching this it made me tear up. Man sacrificed himself for the sake of love which is commendable. Now I look back and laugh at my tears because just like the Imperious brand “It’s all entertainment”

#2 The Wolf of Wall Street 


Di Caprio as Jordan Belfort in the 2013 film. A stockbroker on Wall St who is a hustler living the sex , drugs and rock and roll lifestyle

I remember this film coming out in January 2013 and after its conclusion saying ‘best film of the year’ Di Caprio didn’t play a sweet boy in this movie. Jordan Belfort was a hustler. A con-man who was finessing evertbody. He was really living it up spending them ‘benjies’ (slang for money) He was gripping a very sultry wife too played by Margot Robbie. Lads we all remember the scene where his hands are tied and she teases him. Anyways, back to the script. Di Caprio played the role of a pill popper down to a science.

Discaimer: Here at Imperious Ent we are against the use of all forms of illicit substances.

#3 Shutter Island 


Di Caprio as Teddy Daniels in the 2010 psychological thriller

Spoiler alert – it was all bollocks.

Di Caprio had us an audience going and we really wanted to believe he was on a genuine quest for the truth. Scorsese directed the film which is of no great surprise owing to the films quality. I was recommended this film by my boy and I am glad I did watch it. The way the mind works is fascinating and Di Caprio managed to capture so many emotions in its rawest form. Shout out to all the Psychiatrists who deal with cases like these.

 #4 The Departed


Di Caprio in the 2006 crime drama. He played the role of an undercover cop up against a mole in the police force

Di Caprio played the role of William Costigan. A Massachusetts State Police recruit who was drafted by the powers that be to go undercover due to his family ties with organised crime. He infiltrated an organised crime family in Boston ran by Jack Nicholson’s character. He was so close to exposing Matt Damons character as the mole in the force working for Nicholsons character ‘Frank’. However, he got clapped (shot) when he was coming out the lift. Still in the true spirit of hip hop he had sexual relations with another mans girl. His shrink at that.

#5 Inception


Di Caprio as Dominick Cobb in the 2010 film.

Inception went over my head. Not due to it being too complex a plot. At the time I reached the cinema with a young lady and I think she was also an ‘extractor’ that was infiltrating my subconscious. Anyways, back to the film. Di Caprio played the role of a professional thief who managed to read people’s minds essentially. There is something very believable about his role here. I understand that the role was being auditioned by Will Smith and Brad Pitt too. From what I remember the film was good. I may have to watch it again. Alone.

I sincerely hope Di Caprio wins the Oscar for Best Actor. It is about time. Let us celebrate the man when he is still in his prime. 

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