Lil Yachty Bring It Back REVIEW

Turn up? Lil Yachty switches the tempo on Bring It Back. This is the latest single off the upcoming album entitled Teenage Emotions. Bring It Back is a variable sound in comparison to Peek A Boo REVIEW with a definite 80’s influenced RnB tone to this motherfucker. Strange, as Yachty is very much a 90’s baby. Perhaps it was down to Coach K of QC The Label. Not Motown, ya heard.

Incidentally, Teenage Emotions is due to drop May 25th 2017 and the cover alone has caused a great deal of controversy. Essentially, niggas like Joe Budden (including Vlad TV) want to know what’s the underlining message of having OPEN homosexuals on the cover.

The album cover of Lil Yachty Teenage Emotions

Obesity, Vitiligo, Gays, Albinos, Punks, Goons and a Goofball (Yachty)

 Bring It Back – The Concept

Yachty tells a tale of heartbreak on Bring It Back, which is why the trap beats are absent. It’s clever in theory as this is a definite universal teenage emotion. People can relate to this anguish. Not my Mum though (meaning not me). The red dreaded melodic rapper said he was not getting any “play” (female attention) before the deal, which I can believe.

Heartbreak is a bitch

Bring It Back attempts to capture this!


Out there. Bring It Back was released on Lil Yachty Vevo Youtube channel on May 4th 2017. So far, it has under a million views, which is decent going. Conceptually, it is a prom themed visual. If you are of the chick flicks variety then you may remember famous prom scenes in films such as Ten Things I Hate About You.

Shit looks corny but “HE’S ONLY NINETEEN.” Yachty is not street at all (and that’s ok) so the hood is not going to be bumping Bring It Back in the whip. The internet, which is the fan-base may (allegedly).


Free School are responsible for the production on Bring It Back. This is a crew consisting of DJ Replay, Jean Baptiste and Kyle Edwards. It is another tri-fecta offence, which is a description I use heavy. The 80s RnB influence on the beat stands out at least and sonically shows versatility in today’s trap climate. Perhaps, if Bring It Back is anything to go by Yachty will have sounds like his 2016 release Lil Boat.

Yachty is a troll and he’s milking it!


Yachty is trying to serenade this hoes in the chorus to Bring It Back. LA Reid will be happy with the melodic approach with rappers as he ALLEGEDLY fucked up the rap game by embracing melodic rappers.

(Please bring back your loving)
‘Cause you’ve been gone for too long
You need to bring it back
You’ve been gone for too long
You need to bring it back to my life, girl

Yachty and a bitch (ladies I love y’all)

Lil Boat (Yachty) goes on to claim that him and his chick are the envy of a lot of couple’s eyes as they are #RelationshipGoals ! The internet liked this one.



Man went from shit is trash to okay I see where you are trying to take this after a few spins. I listened to Bring It Back in my boxers  (PAUSE)  with the window open in my “undisclosed location.” Musically, in Hip Hop we are exposed to “high quality low quality music.”

My ears in the 90s to early 2000’s would have cast away Bring It Back. The troll in me enjoys how many feathers Yachty can ruffle with his unorthodox and troll like melodies. If anybody wants to be signed to Imperious Entertainment by way of a 360 deal holla at Rams!

Lil Ramsy



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