Lil Yachty Peak A Boo REVIEW

Maligned to those who subscribe to “real rap”, Lil Yachty is back with new tune Peak A Boo. Migos who have featured in an earlier review Get Right Witcha are firing on the track too  Yachty, real name, Miles Parks McCollum is only 19 years of age. This young bull is attacked by the elder statesmen in the rap game for his lack of knowledge and respect for the 90s golden period. Off gates you should know a title like Peak A Boo is some real yute (young) flex. If you were born in 97, after Biggie and Pac were alive then is that your golden period?

Atlanta’s Lil Yachty stays true to his formula of comical lyrics and unique melodies on Peak A Boo. Image wise he is definitely out there – cherry red hair with braid beads. Dude, looks like an overgrown goof-ball if you ask me but I respect the turn up.

Yachty doing Yachty

Fun-loving rappers are rife in 2017!


Peak A Boo is produced by Ricky Racks who worked with Young Thug on Slime Season. Ricky Racks produced the “Best Friend” for Thugga Thugga motherfucker! The native from Atlanta is quoted to say that he does not want to sound like anybody else in Atlanta. Yachty’s conceptual motivation behind Peak A Boo was to drop something that would bang in the club as he mentioned on his recent Breakfast Club appearance on Power 105.1.

You know what my main focus was this year? Not even this year but just like, in life. I don’t go to clubs but every time I go to the club…my shit never sounds right in the club…I wanted to make a song that sounded right…So I made the song that I dropped today, just for the club.

Yachty’s Breakfast Club Interview – Trolled

Peak A Boo Official Video

The official video to Peak A Boo was released on April 14th 2017 and the views are at 6 million views, correct at the time of the press. The video is dark and laced with young cats flossing, which is what rap is!

Nursery rhyme bars – I am creasing HEAVY!


Play with that pussy like peek-a-boo, uh
Play with that pussy like peek-a-boo, uh
Broke ass bitch ass nigga
I’m not finna’ play with you, that’s what these rappers do

I have never made the link between a nursery rhyme and sex but Yachty is putting me on to something in Peak A Boo. Use your own imagination with this hook!

My new bitch yellow
She blow that dick like a cello
Fuck her then send that bitch home on the metro
Ooh, young nigga fly like a pigeon

At this point I am fully laughing and you are excused into thinking what the fuck! A cello is not a wind instrument, it’s a string instrument. How this chick was performing UCK (a blow-job) is beyond me. Joke ting! Yachty acknowledged this fact on his Twitter with the Tweet:

“Baby come blow a Yung fello like chello ” lmfaoooo I just realized that makes no sense but it’s fye as fuck

All three members of Migos laid a verse on Peak A Boo with Takeoff’s flow standing out once again in my opinion. Migos bring a raw and unique energy to any song they touch and this is no different.



It was a hilarious concept that in former years I would have sent the file straight to the recycle bin. It is catchy although I am not sure how long the song will last in my own rotation. Microwaveable fire. What is certain is that I will never think of nursery rhymes the same.

Imperious Ent have already broken down the culture behind rap’s new generation of coloured hair rappers and young demonic guys with the shits.

Ya boy


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