Lisa Maffia So Solid – Tim Westwood TV

Finpecia costco pharmacy Nostalgia for the UK fans-dem. Lisa Maffia So Solid, is the light-skin honey who was down with So Solid Crew who brought the smooth vocals. Brixton’s very own Lisa Maffia was up on the big dawg, Tim Westwood’s platform, going down memory lane. So Solid Crew dropped their classic song 21 Seconds in 2001. Around that time Lisa Maffia was BIG!

Lisa Maffia So Solid

Shorty looks good for 37/38 years old so she has aged well through the times. Lisa Maffia So Solid’s very own is back with new music and says she is sitting on 30 songs. Shorty says she will draw on multiple genres like Afro-Beats, UK Garage, Basement, Grime and Hip Hop. The EP is called Maffia so check it out!

Rams Maffia

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