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Top 8 Greatest 90s R&B songs #1 LL Cool J Loungin’ – Jeks vs Rams Series

Jeks vs Rams Series - LL Cool J Loungin

Where better to start than probably the best R&B/Hip Hop artist of all time. LL Cool J Loungin is a RECCID.

Allow us to introduce the next chapter in the Jeks vs Rams Series. The top 8 Greatest 90s R&B songs will be a list of the most influential R&B songs that moulded us into the lotharios we are today (ALLEGEDLY). The pursuit of the fairer sex is one of the joys of life, so the soundtrack to that is all important and influential. However, if you don’t want to get that deep, this is a collection of HOT smooth melodic music which will include to some spine tingling riffs.

#1 LL Cool J Loungin Remix Video


Loungin was  released in June 1996 as LL Cool J’s final single from his sixth studio album Mr. Smith (1995). However, it was actually the remix which became the smash hit featuring vocals by Total and production from the Trackmasters. It uses samples from the 1985 song Who Do You Love by Bernard Wright.

The result is a perfect mesh of classic 90s sample influenced production, BUTTER harmonies from the fine caramel complexioned ladies from Total, and some classic egomaniacal “love”  inspired rhetoric from LL.

Jew-als and Cristal got them actin funny style
He ain’t watchin you he rather watch his money pile
Can’t protect treasures when its in a glass house
Soon as he turn the corner I’mma turn that ass out
Full blown, frontin in the 6 with the chrome
Yo B, why you leave your honey all alone wit me
Just because you blessed with cash
Doesn’t mean your honey won’t let me finesse that ass
So see the moral of the story is a woman need love
The kind you so-called players never dreamed of
You gotta try love, can’t buy love
If you play your hand, then it’s bye-bye love

The premise of the song is that LL is laying game on some unsuspecting female who has found herself in a dead end relationship with some type of big shot money guy who believes he can keep his woman happy with lavish gifts (“So much ice your caps polar”). LL warns these guys that, if they are not handling the business of lovemaking, you can garan-DAMN-tee he will swoop in to make love all night long to your missus. Whether you think this a dubious message or not, it’s so undeniable laced between the smooth chorus.

It also serves a great lesson which is that you can say almost anything if you say it with 100% confidence. That has definitely seeped into our ethos here at Imperious Entertainment. At one point in the LL Cool J Loungin music video, he is pouring chocolate sauce onto the thigh of a hot female who is sitting on the hood of his Mercedes. He proceeds to lick the chocolate off the young woman in question and also from the bottle. He’s wearing shades, but I bet you he’s winking.

I do what I gotta do

LL Cool J Loungin rap up

This song in a lot of ways sums up that 90s R&B/Hip Hop feel and whilst sonically amazing, the confidence on display here is iconic.

Rams, over to you for the second instalment. I know you’re secretly a R&B dude who lights Cinnamon candles for that sultry effect (Disclaimer – I don’t know that firsthand). Where you taking it?

LL Cool Jeks

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