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What is London to you? Nothing Beats a Londoner

Oh we’re back! Keep it locked on the website and the YouTube channel for more heat from Imperious Entertainment…

Hang tight everyone back in the ends!

Unless you have been living under a rock I am positive that all of you have seen the new Nike London campaign. The full length advert is just over three minutes in duration and features the main protagonists from the UK urban circuit. In addition, sportsmen and women are thrown into the mix to add to the culture of being a Londoner.

Personally, I liked the advert slogan, Nothing Beats a Londoner, as we have addressed that on several occasions already as this earlier post attests Top 5 reasons why London is a great city

Nothing Beats a Londoner advert

What Is London to you?

My own deduction from the advert is that resilience and perseverance will overcome obstacles. This characteristic seems to embody Londoners depicted by the youth.

That’s true but where was the other side of London as clearly it is one of the hottest cities in the world? Nothing Beats a Londoner alie?

Nike want to keep it grassroots so they can connect to the target audience for a cheque and that is all well and good. My point is does this advert reflect the experiences of the majority of Londoners? Is it all just tracksuits, push bikes, corner shops, astro turf pitches and banter in the barbershop?

Rams, you’re an old head!

At 29 years old, which I am proud of, this advert is not for me.

This is clearly for teenage kids to get gassed on and bang this on social media. Imperious Entertainment love the kids so salute to the kids dem. Perhaps they will want to overcome obstacles and do sports or music. They might even be on More Life 2 with my nigga Drake!

There is a nostalgia with the urban London culture as it takes you back to your childhood, where I may have been gassed myself (no I wouldn’t).

2005 classic London movie Kidulthood

Back when I was 16 rocking stone island, Nike Air Maxes, listening to Grime and thinking I was a gyalist!

Final thoughts

Nothing Beats a Londoner but this advert does not reflect London through my current lens. But for all those who are aspiring young professionals fear not as Imperious Ent will carve a niche (like my boy Jeks said in the BOYs) in 2018 to show you the unmistakeable heights of London living!

Rams with an S and not Z but hang tight Mr Barking cah I love to see young Blacks get paid




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