Love to the co-commentators; Holiday Cheer!

We are the culture. In this festive season, on behalf of my fellow mogul, Jeks, I would like to thank you all for your support thus far. I am confident that with the excellence of the content and the vision we have, the support will continue to grow. I was always taught to think about the stage, even when I am in the booth. This analogy pertains to us executing our business goals with the intent of delivering a world-class stage for our co-commentators.

Real talk!

Jeks and Rams divulge unique insight and perspective to help you navigate the world by way of all aspects of the culture. There is a message in all that we say. The difference between us and other entertainment outlets is that we deliver these messages effortlessly in a hilarious manner.

Our story is just self-explanatory that we are the hottest things on the net

One of my favourite movies by way of black cinematology is “Don’t Be a Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood.” The film sees the Wayan’s brothers, Marlon and Shawn, in a parody of a number of other prominent nubian films of the 90’s. They are trying to navigate the pitfalls of growing up in the environment, for want of a better life. The coonery is undeniable and hilarious, however, there are messages.

You either connect those dots or it infers you are one sandwich short of a picnic, respectfully!

Rome was not built in a day, but you have never heard or seen us write a bad verse!

I want this year to be my most postive, I don’t want no problems!

The future is bright. The grind continues. This is not a self-basking post as we have a lot of stars that we are shooting for by way of achievements. I recognise the contribution of those who have supported us and I am humbled.

It is not human nature to jump out the window and try your luck at something else

We are creatures of habit by and large. The level of comfort from doing something you are used to or being in a certain location overrides most people’s desire to break the cycle of frustration that exists in their lives. My biggest drving force in my life has always been family. This is a family show and ultimately whatever direction I go to, I want to kick money up, as I should.

This is nothing but positivity. The festive period is a time to be around family and Imperious Entertainment wish you all happy holidays.

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Peace and Love


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