Mabel ft Kojo Funds Finders Keepers OFFICIAL VIDEO and REVIEW; New Hot Talent

Mabel McVey is a hot new musical prospect from London. The 21 year old new-comer is born to musical parents, Neneh Cherry and Massive Attack producer Cameron McVey. Born in Malaga, raised in Stockholm and now London resident Mabel is diverse across the board! Are you living versatile?

Talent speaks for itself

From the blocks to the Pop market

In life you have to back yourself before others can

Shorty has linked up with East London and Afro-Swing artist Kojo Funds for latest smash Finders Keepers. Mabel suffered with anxiety when she was a kid (mental health is real) so the family slid London. Upon returning at the age of 18 she was ready to win. Initially, she was spotted at the video to Skepta’s Shutdown. From there, she has gone from strength to strength.

Finders Keepers Official Audio and Video

The internet remains undefeated so in Finders Keepers the trolls are out. Some comments suggest that she needs to loosen up by way of dancing. I mean, she is not whining and rolling like a dancer in a Beanie Man video but culturally does she have to?

Albeit, the vibe of the song points towards the Caribbean geographic region with the sample from the Diwali Riddim. The backing of the song reminds me of one-hit-wonder Lumidee and her song Uh Oh.


In Finders Keepers, Mabel is alluding to a potential hook up, which is no-strings-attached. From my time spent around others often they over-complicate things when in the heat of the moment they just need to be active rather than reactive.

I respect the concept of Finders Keepers because if you don’t act then the rest of the nursery rhyme goes Losers Weepers!!

Lyrics Finders Keepers

Mabel wants to cut to the chase and just embrace the moment!

More is lost through indecision than wrong decision!

Put your arms all around it
Take it now that you’ve found it
It don’t need to be no deeper
It’s finders keepers

Kojo Funds came through and gave us as an audience what we needed to hear. A short and melodic verse that created a vibe and warmed the track up nicely.



I like the 90s vibe of the song a lot. If a chick dropped the following lines to me I would be sensationalised.

Boy, why you living in fear?
You don’t live around here
Let’s make use of the timing
No I don’t mind if you take me home
Didn’t come here to leave on my own

Going back to Mabel she is a talented new prospect and I will be interested to see how her catalogue grows.



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