Mabel Ivy To Roses (Mixtape) REVIEW

Mabel is the young singer from West London who is impressing myself and Jeks with her musical talent. Her latest mixtape is entitled Ivy To Roses, which is ‘metaphorical enough’ to be catchy. This project dropped 13th October 2017 so who better than us to give you the breakdown.

Shorty is racially ambiguous owing to the melting pot of spice in her. Her Moms is a famous Swedish singer, she was born in Malaga and phenotypically she is light-skinned. Conceptually, Ivy To Roses is a relationship project touching on breakups and growth with emphasis on the former. Of course, Ivy To Roses contains hit song Finders Keepers

Ivy To Roses Official Audio

In terms of body of work Mabel sensibly opted not to go the ‘feature route’ for this 9 song mixtape. The only features on Ivy To Roses are Burna Boy and Don-E on the remix of Finders Keepers and of course Kojo Funds on the original and remix of said song. Mabel collaborates with her usual song-writing partners who are Joel Pott and Josh Crocker.

Tracks 1-3 of Ivy To Roses

The mixtape kicks off with Come Over, which details the complexities Mabel is facing in her current relationship. Essentially, she wants better communication and to feel like a princess. The line that caught my ear the most was “But I just wanna feel like a big deal.” Failing that she is in a precarious position so that sets the relationship tone well.

Begging is the second cut on the mixtape and is calling out all the self-obsessed motherfuckers out there. It’s cute but for me I did not relate to this ‘reccid’ (record) as I am too coy to be on my knees Begging. For me this song is a skippable.

I treat women like salt of the Earth as I grew up in a strong female dominated household. Let’s move on!

Finders Keepers is a hit and we have discussed it previously so check out that individual review here

Tracks 4-6

Ivy is the fourth song on Ivy To Roses and it is a ballad to showcase the vocals. Again, the subject matter is on an estranged relationship although Mabel is still emotionally present. I dig the song as it is an attempt to get me in my feelings. The concept of growth in a relationship is fascinating to me. I would confidently state that I grow each year away from the women. Recently, I heard a male with an extensive history with females say that he is always the ‘bigger artist’ What an asshole right?

Mabel with that Low Key 90s energy!

Low Key was that nostalgic 90’s sounding RnB reccid, which I definitely appreciated. I closed my eyes and pictured Mabel rocking a beret and some oversized dungarees singing her ass off.

Roses once again sees Mabel looking for her man who is not back home at 03.00 AM and he is overcompensating with gifts. I like the vibe of this tune but let’s face it, he is cheating on her fine ass and that is deplorable. Are powerful men allowed to cheat?

Tracks 7-9

Weapon is my personal favourite song on the project and it is one that I can play for my own shorty. Mabel sings that she is trying to fuck with the guy’s head, which I cannot co-sign, however it is kind of sexy. In life if you want to attract a certain type of multi-faceted male then you have to show your personality. Being simple is not going to get you that look. You have to be a Weapon otherwise your simple ass will get shot down.

Are you treating your ting like a weapon?

Passionfruit is the remake of Drake’s bubbly banger on the More Life playlist! Sonically, we know the vibe so it is another good entry in Ivy To Roses. The original Passionfruit has been reviewed here

Lastly, the remix to Finders Keepers adds more legs to the life-span of the original song.



I am not going to include the song Passionfruit in my rating as it’s not her song. There was one definite skippable for me in a 9 song project, which is a good fraction to work with. Playing devil’s advocate in a 9 song project it is supposed to be your best 9 songs so as you can imagine bare tunes didn’t make the cut.

There are a strong 4 songs that I will revisit from time to time so that is the marker of a good body of work. Finders Keepers has added a half mark to this rating as the song is a hit so there is potential to make further hits. I can see big things coming from Mabel so salute to honey.



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