Machine Gun Kelly Trap Paris REVIEW

Machine Gun Kelly is due to drop his third album on May 12th 2017. In Trap Paris, MGK joins musical forces with Quavo and Ty Dolla Sign. The latter two are at the top of the tree when it comes to the melodies. Off gates, you know the hook on Trap Paris is going to be fire! Summer 2017 will see the new MGK album entitled Bloom being released through BadBoy and Interscope Records. In a turn-up reccid, there are no “demonic white boy in rap” bars from MGK unlike a younger Eminem. I mean this respectfully!

We don’t need to hear about pre-meditated thoughts on duppying your Moms in 2017!

Trap Paris will make you nod your motherfucking head!


Sonny Digital hailing from Atlanta Georgia laces the beat, which should not surprise you. A turn-up reccid without a representative from the A is a myth. Trap Paris puts you in a space to want to let your hair down in France. The backdrop of living life to the fullest in a major world market is never in question – Top 5 reasons why London is a great city. Imperious Ent may release our own turn-up reccid – Trap London. Until then, keep it locked!

Ty Dolla’s melody on the  Trap Paris hook makes you want to light up!

Quavo’s verse on Trap Paris leaves you doing gun fingers! Hol’up!

Trap Paris – Audio

April 13th is when MGK released Trap Paris on his official YouTube channel so we will have to wait for the video. Will there be bad bitches? Yes. Will there be next high end designer threads? Yes. For those of you who want a visual close your eyes and imagine what waking up in Paris will be like.


Westcoast rapper/singer Ty Dolla perfectly puts you in the zone to being young, wild and care-free. Ty Dolla always comes through with the fire on hooks as I mentioned in an earlier review – PLATA O PLOMO REVIEW

I woke up in Paris
In the bed, with a bad bitch (bad bitch, bad bitch)
First I roll up the lettuce
Then I went back for seconds
Swear that pussy the wettest

Insert “Bad Bitch” and Paris backdrop


MGK delivered a decent verse himself of Trap Paris. His ad-lib game was on point too, which is a very powerful tool. Repeating bars and ad-libs gets the energy meter up. Ask the Migos –Get Right Witcha REVIEW

Broke all the mirrors (that lean)
Watch me, last night was too turnt
They caught me fucking on camera
I ain’t embarrassed

Quavo made it out the trap (drug house) and he is letting the world know that. Jeks often mentions in Hip Hop culture it is all about the separation that makes your rappers stand-out. A dirty drug den in Georgia is a stark contrast to the fly Paris skyline.

You took too much of Coco, it made your nose bleed (trippin)
Too turnt for the bando (too)
Shoot two times through the window (shoot)
Pop one off for the kid though (pop one)
Pop one off the extendo (shoot)
Old money like a Nintendo



The song is a shellers and will feature on my summer playlist. Ty Dolla on the chorus as well as a Quavo verse is a master-stroke from the MGK camp. There is no question the replay value of this song when the hook is as strong as it is on Trap Paris.

Back in the day, radio personality Charlamagne The God said MGK’s “lyrical spirical” bars did not move me – which he was right on. You may be shocked that I support a dumbed down verse but you have to feed the fans if you have ambition to be a top tier artist.

Bitch I made it from the trap – allegedly!



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