Martin Solveig “Places” REVIEW

Hedonism music. The feel good factor is rife in this review to French DJ/Producer Martin Solveig’s latest tune “Places.” Essentially, this song is all about a woman who has fully caught a ‘love jones.’ Shorty, has become so attached to her significant other that she is not herself when she is not in his presence. Infatuation bars. Call me naive but that is a sensational concept. Can you fathom how many levels of love you have to be in to share that rhetoric? I do love how it was packaged on this song though.

Young and hot Norwegian artist Ina Wroldsen features on Martin Solveig’s “Places.” She is part of an Electropop duo called Ask Embla. Ina and her Scandinavian features reside in London now. This tune is of the Dance/Electronic variety and is currently in heavy rotation on mainstream radio as it should. Obviously, she is not going to win a Grammy for best vocalist.   However, her passionate singing on this tempo create a “catchy anguish.”

I come back to the places where we found us
We’re somewhere in a place between love and lust

Ina Wroldsen and a mean fur

Video Review

The video starts off with some Spanish bitches getting charged in their native tongue. I mean, this is Euro music, no? It comes like a Champions League round of 16. This is euphoric and the lyrics are charged although some in certain corporate disciplines would be perturbed. Dependency can be explored at a further time but this is all about ticker tape and turning up in the rave. In 2017, I just want to see people turn up. Bitches shake your ass and do what you have to do in order to get your mind right to party. Of course, this is all tongue in cheek!

I’m not me, I’m not me, no
Nothing ever feels good
When I’m not with you
I’m not in control of what I do, it’s not me
When I’m not with you, I’m not me

The main video girl is American fashion model and Vogue cover girl, Arizona Muse. The American has striking features and would be a wonderfully suited thumbnail for a House mix on YouTube. This tempo know what their core audience is and I respect it. As is the case a lot of the time the video is half shot as a blog and half as a music video centred upon the rave scene.

Arizona Muse from Vogue Turkey


It is easy to become a prisoner of the moment with these tunes but I will afford this a 7/10. Martin Solveig’s Places has grown on me considerably since its release in December 2016. I can see me bumping this for a fair few months yet especially for summer. You will catch Jeks and Rams on the European continent turning up.

Turn up with us as we expand our stage.



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