Meek Mill Left Hollywood REVIEW

Young Philly bull Meek Mill has released Left Hollywood. The Dreamchaser street rapper is attempting to make a strong resurgence with his pain filled music. Personally, this genre is one of the major elements of Hip Hop that I was raised on. My hedonism hat is not donned with Left Hollywood.  And that’s okay! Left Hollywood is part of a three song EP entitled Meeknd Music.

Unfortunately, public perception of Meek has taken a hit. This stems from the Drake rap battle and simpin’ with Nicki Minaj. We have to mention it as his image was not easily being trolled prior to these dubious chess moves!

Meek is taking us back to the block in Left Hollywood

Philly where they go straight for the gun!

Left Hollywood Concept

I had to get out of Hollywood
Get back to the trenches, they said they need me

Shit is self explanatory if you ask me. The analogy of war and going back to the trenches signals reverting back to feed his core fans in the streets of Philly. Sounds heartwarming in theory. Truth be told everything in rap is about a cheque so a multi-millionaire pumping this rhetoric is not pulling wool over my pretty brown eyes. Pause.

Keisha from up the block is gonna have to brush those waves out in Left Hollywood!

Not Hollywood Nicki


Meek is not stuntin on them heavy in this jawn. He is hanging with his niggas in Left Hollywood and doing that Dreamchaser shit.  This consists of hanging on the stoop and riding bikes. Left Hollywood sees the crew tearing up the streets. You can catch him in these visuals in the “trap house” with Omelly (fellow Dreamchaser member) cooking up a recipe. And yeah, he’s not baking a cake. It’s crack, allegedly! In the end of Left Hollywood they ride out but it’s not a Western. It’s on to the next lick.

MeekMillTV is the official YouTube channel where Left Hollywood was released on May 8th 2017. What I mean is, the tune is fresh out and is a good sign of things to come if we are to be presumptive.

Meek Mill’s Rolex collection

This is his go to bar but we all have our own


Stoopid On The Beat is the producer who orchestrated the pain filled instrumental. Tempos on beats like Left Hollywood are made for rappers to put words together to speak to their hungry audience. Take your pick as to which bars speak to you in Left Hollywood. The vibe is created very well and my head was nodding and my face was screwing up when certain lines punched.

I love coons. I am one myself. This is all tongue in cheek if you subscribe to Black Lives Matters. I’m a progressive black man really but I had a model to follow to feed my family!

Stoopid On The Beat


Rags to riches. Played out but that’s the story of so many. Young Meek dropped out of school to play the block and he breaks it down in Left Hollywood. Meek claims he was hustlin’ in the streets to get some food, which is a bewildering statement to most.

I went from goin’ to school, to totin’ them tools and makin’ a move
Said I would win, they said I would lose, shit
We’re so confused, hope I don’t make the news, oh Lord
We was breakin’ the rules, trappin’ to get some food
Risking freedom for shoes
Knowin’ that I don’t need em, I’m spending money on jewels
Jeweler like, “He’s a fool”
They told us that this was cool

Meek is summoning the nappy braids energy in Left Hollywood

Kodak Black and Kevin Gates have been caught up in custodial battles recently so Meek is resuming his role as spokesperson for the skreet (street) rappers.

I’m just tryna be great, I survived with the snakes
Look what they did to Lil Kodak and Gates’

Drizzy Drake and Meek will constantly be throwing subliminal shots it seems. I have broken down which records on More Life were Meek disses so no surprise we got a reply. The Philly native says that the hood is so real where he comes from that life expectancy is significantly lower than the national average.

My life for your life
Go to war like we got like four lives
Talkin’ before like, all this lil’ rap shit
Where I’m from if you turn eighteen, then that’s More Life
For real nigga



Left Hollywood was a good song from Meek and it fulfilled its purpose of connecting to people’s inner hustle. In my mind, I heard a much more polished and solid concept from Meek on the tune Shine off DC 4. Shine spoke to my soul more than Left Hollywood. This is not to say that it may not grow to be a 7 during the one month “off season” that is round the corner.

My cousin had that work BUT I didn’t need that help

Rams Milly



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