Migos Get Right Witcha REVIEW

The top three goons from Gwinnett County are back with that heat. Migos released the official video to Get Right Witcha earlier this week. The tune is from their second album Culture, which dropped in January 2017. As one expects with Migos the energy of their tunes is immense. Expect to hit multiple dabs to this one! Like them or not, Migos are at the forefront of what Hip Hop sounds like in 2017. Takeoff, Quavo and Offset who make up the Migos are back with their superhero quality of providing waves for fans to surf in Get Right Witcha.

Takeoff on that YRN flex (Young rich nigga)

One has to respect it especially if you grinding for your own bag!

Audio Preview of Culture


The Get Right Witcha video was shot in the Sunset Hollywood Ranch in Los Angeles. Migos are at one with nature in this video. Atlanta boys Migos can be seen hitching horses, cozying up to chickens and flashing their designer threads. Shooting in this setting may look familiar to die-hard Migos fans. Billboard cover shots were also captured at the ranch, which had them looking dipped (fresh to death as per).


“Which way? Dat way, tell ’em, ayy”


Canadian Producer Murda laid Get Right Witcha. This young white boy is working with a lot of southern rappers such as Young Thug, Big Soulja and Migos. The instrumentation is fire. When I heard that flute in the beginning I knew the beat was going to be a shellers. Migos are definitely the Pied Pipers of Hip Hop!

Canadian Producer “Murda” and some bad biches, Hol up!


You already know out of the three who came through with that HEAT for the hook. God-damn Quavo did of course. When I said Kendrick – Humble REVIEW –  does not have the cadence or the delivery to lay a hook like this I had this song in mind. The ad-libs that make you want to turn-up are the Migos forte and Get Right Witcha is no different!

“Hold up, get right witcha (I’ma get right witcha)
Bad bitches, fuck ’em then dismiss ’em (bad, woo)
I ain’t really here to take no pictures (flash)
Middle finger up, fuck the system (fuck ’em)
Get right witcha (I’ma get right witcha)
Get right witcha (I’ma get right witcha)
Hold up, get right witcha (I’ma get right witcha)
Get right witcha”

Band-member, Quavo says that he cannot help but look at your shorty because she is performing sexually suggestive acts. Bussin it wide open to be precise! Apologies to the Asian fan-base for the racial slur but this is Hip Hop. The N bomb gets deployed a lot (rightfully so).

Yeah, coupe is robotic, I ain’t touchin’ (nah, skrt)
Lookin’ at your hoe because she bustin’ (ye, woo)
Ridin’ in the coupe with the wings (brrt)
Goin’ to Chi-land with them chinks (chinks)
Percocet party, servin’ fiends (perky!)

Offset, the wild one of the group is on that bull-shit with his bars! He is knocking down dude’s wives and he does not mind shorties with cellulite on some Kendrick shit.

In the kitchen with a lot of white (white)
I done fucked a lot of niggas’ wife (smash)
Make a milli, then I make it twice (M’s)
Bought that Wraith and had the ceilin’ light (Wraith)
I like a bitch with some cellulite (ooh)

Takeoff really runs this hoe! Dude, changed up his flow at least three times in his verse and the way he sat on the beat was immense. At this point he was fully in pocket:

Thirty round extension for the tension (brrt)
Hundred round drum, listen
Fuck around and end up missin’ (brrt)
Get ’em knocked off for a ticket
Have my young nigga do the sentence
Aw man, whip up the white, Wendy
Pick up the pipe, and she get no penny (nope)
Rockstar livin’ life, Lenny
You can do better, never settle
Keep a Beretta, case of the pressure (brrt)
I tell the plug mail ’em
Which way? Dat way, tell ’em, ayy



Yeah man, half marks are starting to come out now!

This reccid is undoubtedly fire. Bars, flow, energy and waves are all present in equal measure. All three members contribute their own swag to it on Get Right Witcha. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are young rich niggas doing their thing!

If you want to catch Rams, I’m in the hills – Which way? That way, tell ’em, ayy!




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