Is Miguel Back?! Miguel – Sky Walker (Official Video) ft. Travis Scott Review

Miguel - Sky Walker (Official Video) ft. Travis Scott Review

Miguel is back with a a wavy hit called ‘Sky Walker’ featuring arguably the Hip Hop artist of the year, Travis Scott. It has been 5 years since he dropped the very classic ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ album and 2 years since the super hard follow-up ‘Wildheart’. Is Miguel – Sky Walker a future hit? Hopefully he will be dropping the ‘bronco buster’ on all his fans for the rest of 2017.


Miguel – Sky Walker (Official Video) ft. Travis Scott

Since he dropped his rock infused album ‘Wildheart’ in 2015, Miguel has been pretty quiet on the roads. He strikes me as a more traditional R&B cat. He doesn’t jump on any song and doesn’t surf the trendy wave by way of the top 100 billboard ocean. Miguel generally stays true to his sound consisting of dreamy like vocals and heavily laced, reverb rich production. Miguel – Sky Walker however, he definitely incorporates elements of the new school especially by featuring Travis Scott.
I recently read an article which argued that when people tend to work with Travis Scott, they’re just looking to use his whole style on their song, as opposed to him being a part of the artist’s sound. Here at imperious Entertainment, we’re used to dudes trying to ride our wave. Rams recently heard a verse allegedly penned by a rival; Rams was confused as he didn’t recall laying that verse. SPLISH.
The content is that generic fire shit.. shouting out haters and attracting HOT females in some type of MDMA laced fantasy land.
Got the baes lookin’ at me like it’s dinnertime
I know she vegan, but she want the steak tonight, yeah
And I smile like a saint with a sinner’s mind
Baby roll it, lick it, love it, daddy blow your mind
Shotgunnin’, takin’ shots now
Conversation flowin’
Left off, we in the clouds now
The hook is fire if not too repetitive. Due to this, he doesn’t really scale those heights by way of vocal range we’re accustomed to. Travis Scott definitely fits into the song like a glove but it may divide opinion. It is definitely his pocket, but the contrast of the buttery Miguel vocals to the autotune is interesting. But that is the current sound STRAIGHT UP.

Miguel – Sky Walker Rating

I’m happy that Miguel is back and this feels like a dabble into the 2017 climate. Shorties will definitely be getting twisted to this reccid and getting their Ta Ta’s out in the Jucuzzi. It’s a wave and I think Miguel is just getting warmed up. 7/10.

Make sure you check out Travis Scotts’s recent banger ‘Butterfly Effect‘.


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