Mist Hot Property REVIEW

Birmingham stand up. Brum’s own Mist is back with his latest instalment and of course Steel Banglez is on the riddim once again. Hot Property is the new single from rapper Mist and in just over a week the views are pushing 2 million by way of YouTube. Hot Property builds on the signature style that Mist has built for himself. You may remember other tunes like “Aint The Same” and “Karlas back” from the MIS to the T Ep. Shout outs to Jeks for putting me on to man like Mist.

“M-I-S to the FOOKIN T”

Mist – for those who don’t know

On American Hip Hop journalist VladTV’s platform Mist was asked if he was Punjabi. Joke ting. Mist drops a lot of Punjabi references in his music, owing to the cultural make-up of his community in the West Midlands, UK. Respectfully, I do not know any Punjabi’s who look like the guy pictured above.

Punjabi’s turning up

Hang tight all my APNAS, KARLAS, GOURAS all that!!!


Shout out to Mist’s manager who tries to push the envelope with regards to his music videos. If Mist is not touring the UK in a chopper he is in Dubai shaking hands with Sheikhs ALLEGEDLY! In the Hot Property video, Mist is out in a cold climate with some huskies. Mist is not following the typical UK rapper direction of rapping in front of the same dusty blocks in ends!


Steel Banglez is of course the Producer. Banglez is an East London APNA who is accredited for contributing to the “Mist sound.” At first, I thought where are we going? Until I heard the high pitched backing intersperse the drum pattern. This was a tool that let me know Banglez was staying true to his musical ear. Mist’s label Sickmade Records are trying a ting!


Plus I keep talking to a minimal
Life can’t limit you
I’m far from my pinnacale (woah)
Overseas booking with my niggas too (gone)

Mist is recounting his journey so far in the industry on Hot Property, which is still in its infancy. Life should never limit you and that is definitely the Imperious ethos! There is plenty more work for him to do but he is already getting overseas bookings.

We ain’t the same check the visual (nah)
I’m really on the way and it’s visible (ah)
It’s mad how the moneys coming digital (woah)
My vision was a plan not a miracale

The “Aint The Same” video was shot in United Arab Emirates. The budget was there as the shit looked like a movie. The money is seemingly coming in and Mist is reminding the people-den that his vision was a plan not a miracle. If you think Imperious Ent are not strategising how we are gonna blow then you’re brains on drugs!



The main criticism for me was there was no chorus although in truth the song did not really fail as a result. There were 5 verses and a long ass outro condensed into less than 3 minutes. I think a chorus would have solidified the tune. For what it was it created a vibe to nod your head and turn up.

Hot Property saw Mist deploy his usual flow of repeating phrases so that adds to the catchiness of things. Another strong outing from Mist.




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