New Year Resolution 2017

New Year Resolution 2017. It is the last day of 2016 and a pivotal year in our development following the 2015 theme of being at a cross-roads. Now it is the time of year where the New Year Resolution 2017, is rife and inevitable self-reflection is apparent. At the turn of 2016, Jeks and Rams established a presence on the internet by way of the website, which is fire! In the subsequent months we have expanded our stage with a YouTube channel, Soundcloud and Social Media coverage. The fire is in our bellies and 2017 is a year, which will pay sweet dividend, for the two larger than life cultural commentators and stars.

In your own shortlist of concepts by way of New Year Resolution 2017, are your goals unique? I trust you have perused the website with our diverse nature by way of categories of blogs. You should be fully aware of where we plan to take it as our ambition cannot be questioned. If any doubts exist click the link, HOLLA!

My New Year Resolution 2017, is in keeping with the majestic nature of the brand. Everybody wants to be the King of the city. In 2017, you may see me in a booth on the London Eye, overlooking the city at night, sporting a turtle neck, armed with a fly European model and a champagne flute full of Schloer! Some of you may just see the comedy in such a statement as it goes against normal social constructs, which govern most people’s lives. However, when it does happen just know it was a by-product of one of my many goals, on my New Year Resolution 2017.

You got to always think about the stage, even when you’re in the booth!

By convention, New Year Resolution 2017 is meant to be a vow in order to change an undesired trait or behaviour. But I’ll keep it real, I’m going against the grain.

My New Year Resolution 2017 is based off my desires, my undesired trait is fitting in with others!

New Year Resolution 2017

#1 Win on the World Stage

Imperious Entertainment deserve the world stage! We are going to WIN BIG. My New Year Resolution 2017 is in keeping with the ethos of the brand and that is we are not regional artists. I am trying to sell out the Garden, by way of the world famous Madison Square Garden in New York City. Now, I am aware that success on that stage takes time but the fibre of our brand has alerted you that this is a goal.

Imperious Entertainment has been providing glorious insight from day one.

Come and share the world with us as we expand our stage

My New Year Resolution 2017 of having the world stage is a direction in which I feel comfortable with as if you ask me I am a special artist. One of the most influential artists in Britain and like my man Nas says, “I’m like all races combined in one man, like the ’99 SummerJam.”

#2 Officially break convention

Without getting into real specifics out of respect, I would like nothing better than to officially call it a day to convention. This covers many aspects but I cannot be sweating for nickles and dimes. My New Year Resolution 2017 needs to include this concept as this motivates me every day.

I want to seek more for myself and exist in a decibel higher than the average monotone

I need a Corporate appreciation night and above all a CHEQUE!!

#3 Hard Work, Dedication!

No New Year Resolution 2017 would be complete without this concept. Of course, “Hard work, dedication!”, is a phrase from undefeated boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Often, I hear in interviews that Floyd practices boxing 24/7 whether that is in the gym or anywhere. Not only does he practice throwing new combinations but the cocky champ also mentally envisages where he will aim a flurry of rights and lefts. This is not dissimilar to myself. I always envisage the next world class entry to the brand. My New Year Resolution 2017 is to work harder and be more dedicated as the momentum is most certainly with us!

This New Year Resolution 2017 may not be the sexiest but may be the most important!

#4 Help others win

Spread the wealth. I am a generous guy but I do not allow myself to be taken advantage of. That makes no God-damn sense! Business is business but if you have ever contributed to the brand, no matter how big or small, then your reward will be ten-fold. This New Year Resolution 2017 is heartwarming as I would like nothing more than to put other deserving people on. The platform is there to facilitate this New Year Resolution 2017. Let us keep it positive with this New Year Resolution 2017, but if you have not acknowledged or contributed then there can be no grievances in the future.


 “If every N**** in your clique is rich, your clique is rugged

Nobody will fall cause everyone will be each other’s crutches

#5 Travel

Spin the globe. Spend a day with us. This New Year Resolution seeks to continuously spend time away in exotic destinations. Bucket lists exist for a reason. It is not enough to just do this as a form of escapism from your day to day. I want my holidays to enhance whatever I have going on, which will be a lot.

Waking up to a scene like this is what I envisaged when I listened to Jodeci in the 90s

Showing off that feminine form in the Seychelles! Only in my New Year Resolution 2017

Final thoughts

My final thoughts are my foremost. My New Year Resolution 2017 is not designed to make people laugh although invariably it will as I am a humorous dude. When they cut the lights and the comedy show is over, I plan to stay around and laugh the loudest. I have all manner of self-confidence and I believe in myself till the day I have to punch out.

2017 is the time to turn up. 2017 is also the time to grind harder than before. That dichotomy will take us all the way to the White House.

My New Year Resolution 2017 has been set. If you have the self-confidence you portray then share with me yours.

Happy and peaceful New Year



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